Putin’s path to the Kremlin

On the occasion of the 62nd birthday of Vladimir Putin, one of the top leaders at the beginning of the third millennium: The president’s skill is built on the old knowledge “that all staff.” In Leningrad maternity “V. Snegireva “Mayakovsky at No. 5, a little more than six decades on Tuesday, 7 October 1952 Maria Ivanova Putin gave birth to a son, Vladimir. Mary was then 41 years old. Father Vladimir Spiridonović celebrated the joyous occasion with friends from the “Jegorova” where he worked in security. Russian historians have found in Putin’s birthday symbolic, because the same day held last Congress of the CPSU, under the leadership of Stalin.
Biography of the President of Russia would serve as a script for a film about a boy from a working class family who dreamed of becoming an intelligence officer, and progressed to the head of all intelligence and all over the country.

Putin families lived in “communal accommodation,” shared flat on the fifth floor Baskovoj street number 12. They were old buildings built in the nineteenth century. In the same apartment lived two families. Kitchen and bathroom are used jointly. A room in the “komunalka” Putin’s father got in 1944 were warmed by wood. Bathroom did not have, so once a week went to “Nekrasovsku sauna”.
Putin has lived in St. Petersburg for 44 years, ended desetoljetku, college and started working.
In the first five years of primary school Putin did not shine. His peers say that he did not receive even the pioneers. He was fussy or what would now be “hyper-active child.” Everything got better when his homeroom teacher in fifth grade became Vera Gurevich, a teacher of German.
At thirteen, the boy went to the club “Trud” to practice judo. When the coach Anatoli Rachlin switched to a sports club “Trubostritelj” in Leningrad Metallurgy Institute, Vladimir and followed him. Here is Putin in 1975 became a master of sports. There he became friends with the brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, who are now well-known businessmen whose companies cooperate with “Gazprom”. He trained in the same club and Anatoly Turčak, now president of St. Petersburg entrepreneur and parliamentarian Vasily Shestakov.

Like most boys of that time Vladimir loved to go to the nearby cinema “Air”. There is Putin watched and domestic thriller “shield and sword” of Soviet intelligence in fascist Germany. Song for the movie “What starts homeland”, written by Venjamin Basner, Putin never forget.
As a student of ninth grade “decided” to become a KGB officer. And Father Vladimir Spiridonović during the war served in the NKVD, the precursor of the KGB. Grandfather Spiridon Ivanovich worked as a chef in the party sanatoriums, as verified person. Vladimir Putin, as a student, go to the interview.

– Some uncle told me that KGB to consider only after the Army and when I finish college. I asked him who is to college, told Putin.

At the Leningrad Faculty of Law competed then 40 candidates for one seat. At the reception, Putin got all A’s, except from literary composition – four. Most students with law-generation 1970-75, does not remember Vladimir Putin. Mostly he hung out with those who practiced martial arts. Fun with Lyudmila Hmarinom, sister of his colleague Victor. Ljudmila ended Medicine and a physician. He was friend and bass guitarist student ensemble Alexander Bastrikinom who is now head of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

After graduating Putin and employed in the house on litejno prospectus 2, namely the KGB for Leningrad and Leningrad Oblast. He worked from 1975-84. He began as a lieutenant, and in East Germany went to the rank of major.

At that time the Leningrad KGB worked Čerkesov Viktor and Viktor Ivanov who made it to the rank of general, and then one after the other led the Russian Committee for the fight against drugs. Ivanov is now located at that position, Čerkesov a member of Parliament in the opposition Communist Party.

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In the same “company” in Leningrad worked generals Nikolai Patrushev, the President of the Security Council of Russia, Alexander Bortnikov Head of the Federal Security Service and Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint Peterburga.Iako long entertained with one Lyudmila, fate was about to marry another. In the winter of 1981, a flight attendant Kaliningrad department “Aeroflot” Ljudmila Škrebnjova flew to Leningrad. Colleagues from the KGB Vladimir suggested to spend the evening with flight attendants. Putin had already purchased tickets for a performance of the famous Moscow comedian Arkady Rajka`s the Teatro Lensoveta Vladimirsko the prospectus. He later Ljudmila testified that Volodya was modestly dressed. They dated for three and a half years and married on July 28, 1983. A year later, Putin went to school in Moscow, where he was preparing to go to East Germany. In Dresden he was from 1985 to 1990.

From the continuation of Putin’s biography clearly shows how the KGB deployed people and how he cared for his colleagues, preseljavajući them to Moscow.

First, self-CITIZENS! Putin took the country from Boris Yeltsin when he was in complete disarray. He quickly raised the morale and self-esteem of the citizens, who felt so humiliated during Yeltsin’s “democracy-hungry”.

In the early nineties, the major and the secretary of the party organization drezedenske group KGB officer Vladimir Putin returned to the USSR. He became assistant to the rector of the Leningrad State University in charge of international cooperation. In one year at the university he met quite a few people who later made the political and business career. There is Igor Sechin, who had become one of the most trusted associates and push it to the deputy prime minister.
In July, 1991, at the invitation of Anatoly Sobchak, Putin became the president of the Committee for foreign economic ties of city hall. In all donned takes Viktor Zubkov, Agricultural Specialist, who progressed to the President of the Russian government, mentioned Igor Sechin, philologists, Vladimir Churov, physicists, and now president of the Central Election Commission, Dmitry Medvedev lawyers, everyone knows how far he got, and Alexei Miller economist, the current first man of “Gazprom”.
In March 1994, Sobchak appoint Putin as his first deputy, so he became chief economist and Alexei Kudrin, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, German Gref, President of “Sberbank” Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Prime Minister, and Vitaly Mutko, the current Minister of Sport . Putin uopoznaje with many businessmen among which is Gennady Timchenko, the largest trader of Russian oil.
When Sobchak in August 1996 lost the election, Putin moved to Moscow. To enter the Kremlin will help him, Aleksey Kudrin, who had already moved to Moscow.

Thus, Putin is working with its people. Of the six decades of life, President for 13 years at the top of the pyramid of power – two terms as president and one as prime minister. During the third mandat.Stabilizovao the situation in Chechnya and forced the oligarchs to pay state taxes. When disciplined Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky everyone realized that the new president is no joke. Only it did not understand billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and now sits in a comfortable truth, imprisoned in Siberia. Brave Putin was accompanied by luck, because the rapidly growing oil and gas prices, the country could raise standard of living. After eight years in the Kremlin, even some foreign politicians urged him to change the constitution and stay a third term.

He refused and so broke “strong arguments” that the West has already started to present it as a dictator. He was prime minister in tandem with Dmitry Medvedev led the country. It is quite understood what he was saying the great Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the West the most praise those politicians in the Kremlin that have devastated the country. He left the glory that Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

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OD LJENINGRADA to the Kremlin
* Vladimir Putin was born on 7 October 1952.
* He studied law in Leningrad from 1970 – 75 years
* Becoming a master of sport, judo training from 13 years in 1975.
* In the Leningrad KGB works from 1975 to 1984.
* We’re getting married to Lyudmila Škrebnjovom 1983.
* KGB sent him to East Germany, in Dresden in 1985 and remained there until 1990.
* In July 1991, becomes president of the Committee for foreign economic ties of the Leningrad city council
* In August 1996, Putin moved to Moscow where he started his career as the leader of Russia