Quincunx or inconjunct-Minor astrological aspects

Quincunx or inconjunct aspect of 150º. This aspect requires adjustment. In the process, the person is usually not aware of what needs to be adjusted. You can feel the tension and the constant tension, a person can be easily irritated areas, whose rulers planets in aspect. While the opposition is aware of both sides, clearly sees them, in this aspect is not aware of the other side, but only tension.

The energies of the planet are not well integrated, because they mean in terms of quality and variety of elements. A person should not seek a solution or exit from the situation, but that it is adjusted, which is very stressful for her. This adjustment is more psychological than physical. Often inconjunct indicate health problems. It represents the circumstances imposed on the person and over which no control. Inconjunct adjustment leads to integration. Valid for weight aspect of the opposition, because there is no central point. A person can not just take one or the other extreme, may not be withdrawn, but must respond directly to the challenge. And while the opposition demands awareness and consideration of the arguments of both sides, inconjunct requires intuition and greater faith in yourself. Orbis on this aspect of 2º to 5º.

It is interesting that there are two types of inconjunct, inconjunct containing characters according antiscia and kontraantisciji inconjunct and which have no relation among signs, I aspect. Such inconjunct which does not include anything else but the point is very difficult, because it means they do not have the ability to see, and adjusting weight.

Antiscia and kontraantiscija are very important in connecting characters that are not normally seen Ptolemy aspects, which are thus in aversion. Signs in antiscia share similar qualities. Antiscia the conjunction of nature and has a much more secretive and mysterious effect, but the rights of the conjunction.

Signs in antiscia are:

Aquarius (warm and wet) and Scorpio (cold and wet) – a common element humidity

Capricorn (cold and dry) and Sagittarius (warm and dry) – a common element dryness

Fish (cold and wet) and Libra (warm and wet) – a common element humidity

Aries (warm and dry) and Virgo (cold and dry) – a common element dryness

Taurus (cold and dry) and Leo (warm and dry) – a common element dryness

Gemini (hot and humid) and air (cold and wet) – a common element humidity

If the sun is at 16º Aquarius, antiscia at 14º Scorpio. This means that the Sun will also spend time in the sign of Aquarius is above or below the horizon, as it is in Scorpio. Note that adding the degrees obtained 30º. How many actually contains a character. And so the sun at 15º Aries have antiscia on 15º Virgo. Sun at 3º Fish have antiscia at 27º Libra and the like.

Kontraantiscija on the other hand, the opposition of characters per antiscia, is of the nature of the opposition and squares. It is said that the sun at 15 ° Aries in antiscia with 15º Virgo. Opposing sign of Virgo is the sign of Aries, so the sun at 15 ° Aries in kontraantisciji with the Sun at 15º Aries.