Quintile-Minor astrological aspects

Quintile has an angle of 72º. Has the nature of Mercury. Refers to occult powers, artistic talents, mental ability. It is considered a harmonious aspect. This aspect of the search order and organization structure, the need to create something material. Has the nature of the opposition and trine, indicating awareness of the problem and finding an adequate solution to the problem. Other astrologers stated that the nature of the square and sextile, as it relates to developing talent through creative crisis.

Often can create a problem if the person is conscious, that is able to planets that control certain behavior or situation. Certainly this aspect makes a very large force man to succeed in everything he set out. This is often an aspect of genius contains bunt, great creativity and free will. This aspect is frequently referred to as the release of the true nature of the man. Refers to exaggeration and often forcing people or situations to treat the plan. It represents the expectations and excitement. Orbis for this aspect of the 1º.