R A K-Fraud and zodiac signs! Do you cheat or are faithful, find out what the stars say! (ASTRO)

R A K ON – If we do enough of cuddling at home and save him his favorite meal, not missing the opportunity to emphasize how marriages fall apart at the present time into bubbles, male cancer, you will be loyal. It can still happen that “falls” to someone who needs more tenderness, care and protection than he or someone he complained that there is such a big problem that only a man Cancer can their persistence to solve, and his sensitive soul – to recognize . However, as a faithful house, a man Cancer, always returns home.

RAK She – she’s so busy looking into someone else’s yard and commenting on other people’s relationships and marriages that will immediately not take seriously anyone courtship, seduction or attempted conquest, because shielding women Račice almost impenetrable Can it possibly intrigue someone will take advantage, as get even with her partner who was cheated or it may be that for a while, “stumbled,” if we do not get enough attention from their partner at home. Thus, due to the innate need for poking your nose into other people’s (not his) problems, women Račica act so – immaculate.