R I E-B rare complain of shortage or lack of money ….

1. Fish are favorites of fortune. According to the survey of marketers, success in career Fish are indebted to a greater extent, a favorable set of circumstances than the ambition

2. Although the Taurus considered chaotic and sometimes superficial, studies have not confirmed this view. Although you will after a crowded desk know when you sit on it, Pisces excels in the speed of finding the necessary documents, as well as the ease with which they reminisce about their content.

3. They like to touch metal. If you pay attention to their behavior in the moments of thoughtfulness or while concentrating on something, you’ll notice that often unconsciously rubbing or rotating pendant, ring, bracelet or any other metal object.

4. seldom complain of scarcity or lack of money. Members of this sign are satisfied with low income.

5. In this group of patients, whose disease is not to be found an organic cause, the presence of fish is the record. As well as expressing a preference unusual diseases and their healing process often escapes scientific explanation.

6. The population ardent supporters of various spiritual groups, they are one of the most common signs. The reason for this is that prefer to sacrifice for the benefit of the public good.

7. The results of studies that were conducted to confirm that American teenagers Fish forefront of falling in love at first sight. Members of this sign often report that their future partners ‘meet’ first in a dream, and then waking.