Rahu – the North Node-What is the dark side of the moon?

All pop-up and the material world of nature occurs automatically in response to the unconscious man’s Spirit of himself while incarnate in man.

Rahu takes us to the dark side of the moon that would otherwise not see or do not want to see it. What is the dark side of the moon? To understand this complex and very delicate subject, we have to start from the beginning and to first explain what is the mind.

UM and dark side of the Moon
The physical body is the outward manifestation of mind, and his rough form. It may be strange, but the body is actually mind! We express ourselves by means of a body that represents only one aspect of our existence. It is a mistake to firmly identify only with the body. Human beings are multi-dimensional and not tied strictly to the physical form of existence.

This is easy to explain in one case.

See what it looks like when a person expresses love, fear, anger, joy … Notice what happens to her body. When the loving and joyful, will spread arms to embrace you. If you are in fear and in doing so furious, it will be better to stay clear. What then we actually see? We see the internal state of people who now came to the surface. So, whatever we do, think or feel, the body is a tool that helps us to express ourselves. We are launching it willingly.

I often catch myself remembering us appear certain thoughts, desires and feelings. In many cases we do not really know where they appear! One might say that this is not true, but think again.

We are constantly exposed to advertising that we’re in a very subtle way of putting know what we need and what is good for us. Today you see an ad for a very comfortable chair, and you’ll want to buy it. Does she really need it or not, that’s another question. Also see an ad for a new and irresistible fruit drink and what will be the first thing you do when you come into the store? You will buy the same juice! So, think now is a good …

Does the decisions you make are acting as your or someone you convinced that the decisions you make result of your free will?

Educate children when they’re small. They teach them what is good and what is bad. How to behave and how not to, what is socially acceptable and what is not. In this sea of ​​information and conditionality question is who can say where the line that says: “It’s me, and these are all the others who want me to tailor according to their own needs!” This is a sensitive subject to admit, but it is necessary to understand the nature of Rahu, the North node of the Moon’s, and its influence in everyday life.

Karl Gustav Jung, for all that is in us neosvešteno use the word shadow. Everything that you are not aware, everything in us suppressed and avoids the knowledge of a shadow or dark side of the moon. It is the dark side of the moon is actually the second aspect of the mind that actually runs the physical body, feeding him his energy.

For other kind of manifestation of the mind can be said to be a subtle form of matter that can not be physically demonstrated directly. To be exhibited on, you need a broker or body. Imagine you have ideas, but you are not able to get them effectively. It would be as if you have the desire, but you have no one with which to express it, or you do not have a body!

The mind creates the world thanks to his own thoughts. The world that there is only a human creation! Unfortunately, most people lose control over what they create. When someone says he has no control over your life, it means that there is a big problem.

It was time to swim unfamiliar areas of the mind and see what he is made of.

A more subtle form of the mind consists of the conscious and unconscious unconscious (nadsvesnog) mind. The conscious mind would be our waking state. We are aware of themselves and the actions they take. We are aware that we breathe, talk, walk and so on.

The subconscious mind stores in itself emotions, memories, everything we say, see and do everything that we lived in daily life. This is the big one, call the database.

The unconscious mind speaks by its very title that it is not easy to reach because it does not know it. When faced with the contents of the unconscious mind in general will not be able to connect with them. It will be easier to explain the case.

Take for example a person that everyone would say that the soul of man. He likes to help, the selfless, kind, but in their environment has troubled people who love wild goose chase. This means our people will not be able to identify with them as they are very different from her. However, they are still present in some way in her life. How is it possible? It is precisely because of the influence of the unconscious mind. In a way it is with these people connected in one subtle energy level.

Each of us is more or less prone to self-identify with a particular character, or projections of what we want to be. Is this the real sense or not, is a topic for a separate article. Either way, our people self-identify themselves with the altruistic properties, but there are certain people in her life that there did not seem to belong. Or maybe you are …

Now along comes Rahu, shadowy planet. She is in a direct way, bluntly, a person faces with its true nature. Rahu in some way possessed by a person to do things that normally in any case would not do! After that there is only iščuđavanje which carries with it a question: “What would I do it?” Our work faithfully reflect our true nature!

Let’s go back again to our hero, altruist. There was a situation where fraud can get the money. No one will know that he did it, but others may therefore have problems. And what happens then? Altruista decided to exploit the situation and then continues on his way. Around you will raise a barrier in the form of a variety of excuses and justifications for what he did, while at the same time continue to condemn others and to surprise troubled people who are attracted to life.

Rahu is the person shown its true face, but she is not ready to deal with that person. In the first status of their next Rahu will re-obsessed person with the same “wacky” idea. Moreover, will lead the person to repeat it every time the same or similar circumstances. What reliance lasts longer, the consequences are growing. In this case, a person may eventually have a problem with the law whereby the persistently denied that she did.

This is a natural defense mechanism of dealing with that which I do not believe, or the truth about us that we do not want to believe.

This is an example in which Rahu can affect someone’s life. It has a more serious case, but this is enough to understand the way these planets affect every one of us. For Rahu is said to be the master of change, because under his influence to open a new view of the world which until then was unknown.

It is said that Rahu has an awesome look that is not easy to look at. Awesome appearance is actually relatively little. The truth can be just horrible, so horrible that we operate that fear can faint or go mad. For many, it is nice to live in illusion, but sooner or later the illusion must be broken.

Of course, this is not the only way Rahu can be expressed. This shadowy planet can provide ingenious people who are far ahead of its time. It also draws attention to all that is invisible to others and therefore can provide excellent psychologists, regresoterapeute and all those involved in the occult, hidden things. Also, there are those who can take a peek at the “other side” and to tell us whether there is a death or not.

However, with Rahul should be careful because he’s only head. As much as we do, whatever we possess or consume, no body that will digest some experience and make it your own. That’s why he was dissatisfied with what they do, and always looking for more.

For Rahu is said to seek material success, and you can give in a favorable setting in someone’s birth chart, but there is still one question arises … Are you the success result of search for the body, and its other side being to become integrated? In the absence of compensation body what is missing can only be fulfilled by material wealth. It remains an open question whether it will still bring inner satisfaction.

With Rahul is still living with one foot in another dimension or even more of them at the same time. With Rahul you can never be sure where you are. He is completely free from all structures, norms of behavior, customs and beliefs. He very easily and quickly can a person get out of the ground under their feet. Rahu takes us through constant change and who is afraid to step on unknown ground, the better to bypass some or at least to try. Sooner or later, Rahu will still come, but then … Then only remains confrontation with the inevitable transformation that this shadowy planet returns.