RAK Fixed-stars in the zodiac sign

In a sign of cancer, the PROPUS to 0 degree the nature of Venus – Mercury, which makes all the success in music and art; Tejat to 3 have a very good degree of the influence, too, with the addition of glume; DIRAH 5 degree brings the power and patronage, as well as a good financial situation, but also an extreme parsimony; ALHENA to 8 degrees, as well, in particular with the moon and sun, but also brings violation of the lower legs; SIRIUS at 13 now possible but at 14 degrees, blazing eyes of Orion, the brightest star of the sky, the nature of Jupiter – Mars, taken by the successes, unless there is not rising or Mars, when more can be uncomfortable, but it certainly brings great honor . CANOPUS 14 degree nature of Jupiter – Saturn, bringing travel and highlights a gift for mathematics and moodiness. Tesla had Venus here. Wasat and blow through the 18 degree nature of Saturn’s trouble in his youth and difficult character, but supports trade, particularly chemicals. At this level occurred exact conjunction of Moon – Saturn, when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima 06. 08. 1945 at 08:16 hours. Vladimir Putin at this stage of Uranus. CASTOR, at 19 degrees, a double star nature of Mercury brings success in politics and government, unless the personal horoscope bad, because that brings bad consequences. Here goes the adage “when it drew the sword, dies by the sword”, but I will mention here that Michelangelo had a Saturn, a Marilyn Monroe rising.
POLUX at 22 degree nature of Mars emphasizes the gift of speech and brings a wealth that can not rarely lost. This level had, accentuated by Uranus, Leonardo da Vinci. Procyon at 25 degrees is a good influence and has a similar influence of the sun. Yields Excentricism and extremism, as well as the rise of extreme speed. Gandhi had Uranus in this star, but Aleksandar Macedonia Merkur.