RAK-love affair, astrological indicators (astrology)

Related man in Cancer – a man in Cancer is very reserved and do not open easily. Did not show their feelings immediately. You need to win the confidence of this man, that would be better met. For him, loyalty is very important. It is very sensitive, and you must try to understand his emotions and dreams when they are expressed. He appreciates a woman who supports his dreams and ambitions. But he also wants you to have your own dreams and to work on their fulfillment. Avoid criticizing him. He is a man with strong and deep emotions. Cancers are sentimental and nostalgic. They’re hard to forgive the disloyalty, they can forgive me, but nothing will be as before. They are shy, reticent, traditional and conservative. If you prefer a peaceful and secure life, it is the right partner for you.

Related wife in Cancer – although it looks strong from the outside, mainly very sensitive. Emotions are an important factor in the relationship for a woman in Cancer. They need to be emotionally connected with your partner to know what he thinks and how he feels. They are very feminine and seductive. Due to its sensitive nature, they will expect your lover to feel their secret desires and dreams. They need emotional security related and often see marriage as a natural culmination of a romantic relationship. A woman born in Cancer carefully watch who will give their heart, because once you do that, it teaches the whole. Since the moon is the ruling planet of this sign, they can often alter their moods. They are very fragile and very sensual. Her lover must be interested in her dreams and her hopes for the future. Must be willing to be part of them. It is very vulnerable and easily hurt.