RAK: The changing mood, unstable health condition HEALTH zodiac signs

Guided Cancer is one of the sensitive character, and emotionally and in terms of health. During his childhood he often ailing, is not inclined to exercise not the sport, only by looking forward to swimming. When the human body “settled” in the chest and stomach, and manages the bodies that are there (upper abdomen, lower opening of the stomach, pancreas). However, it was very emotional, and fall into mentally sensitive characters. His mood is changing, is concerned and prone to depression, but what it most affects the family.
This sign shows what the genetic heritage, and astrology is associated with motherhood but under his jurisdiction and those organs and bodily functions that are part of the process of fertilization, pregnancy and posttrudnoće (uterus, placenta, smooth muscles, growth, reproductive cycles, feeding, pregnancy, lactation). He is prone to diseases of the stomach and pancreas, diabetes, pneumonia, antenatal problems, mental disorders, postpartum depression.
Health is helping spring water, tea, fruits and vegetables that are rich in water. Lettuce his plant, green cucumbers and other raw vegetables.
Exercise: Swimming
For cancers that would like to lose a few extra pounds, swimming is definitely the ideal sport. First, if the female members of this mark to profit if they choose to take advantage of free time to swim in the pool and in the summer in the sea and other waters. If you are not a master in swimming, do not be alarmed. Note that “amateurs” with its rusty movements and inconsistent swimming burns more calories than professionals.