RAM-Fraud and zodiac signs! Do you cheat or are faithful, find out what the stars say! (ASTRO)

RAM ON – When he cheats, to quickly learn all of its immediate environment, as Aquarius likes to brag about his success with the opposite sex. He already knows that masculine and assertive, a brash and intrusive station when it needs more time to convince you how – overwhelming.

If partner doubt his loyalty, the Lawyer as any he had no intention of winning, but it was – the other way around. When you fall in love, hasty break even long-term relationship, because there is no patience to not think about their actions, not their consequences.

RAM ONA – She kneels down easily when ‘installed situation’ in the company of a charming and witty man who will Ovnica later described as the main ‘culprit’ for everything that happened between them. If you suspect your partner’s fidelity, he will rush to retaliate, but then she can easily happen to fall into the trap of its own fraud and – fall in love. However, curiosity and restless spirit can once again dragged into the arms of a former partner with whom to try to inflame old passion, but also to trick current partners.