RAM-Love relationship, astrological indicators (astrology)

Relationship with a man in Aries – his innate restlessness that makes it in your romantic mood is prone to exploration and adventure. This man, whose sign ruled by the planet Mars quickly falls in love, but consider yourself warned: it all quickly and get bored, too. Aries can boast its numerous romantic conquests, but serious when it comes to romance. Its most important goal is to find the girl of his dreams. They sometimes know how to ruin things by being pushy at the beginning and požurivaće other side. Aries knows how to charm the romance and passion, so that he forgets the needs and feelings of your partner. It can happen to make plans with friends and forgot to have an appointment. He is not selfish, but it just takes a moment and forget about everything else. Body satisfaction are important Aries and despite a series of broken relationships in the past, he was not the type to combine for one night. Aries serious about their love affair, as long as they last.

Relationship with a woman in Aries – the first woman born in the zodiac sign exudes sex slick. She will not wait to get her love, her impatience innate instincts to make the first move. Since the fire sign Aries women like to take the initiative. She has an honest and open approach to love. She knows how to be persistent, because he has a desire to dominate. Her romances should include most of those of its needs. Shy and gentle partner it does not pose any challenge. A woman born in the sign of Aries looks for excitement and entertainment with their partners. The true nature of her personality ruled by the planet Mars makes it an intensive and active participation in romance. She does not mind that she has done the first step, as well as to quickly meet and further partner requirements. Problems in her relationships can come from incompatibility. It is a demanding wife