RAM: Low point – heads-health state of zodiac signs

As the first of the fire signs, Aries recovers energy, fighting spirit and acuteness. It is very impulsive, in order to go sharply and tumbled, like an animal after which it is named, but often hurt. The ruler of his fiery Mars, the planet that is in astromedicina responsible for severe inflammation and injury, but also for a speedy recovery, and restoration of blood and power.
Aries flat head and organs that are there (brain, nerves, eyes, nose, neck glands, facial bones), then the muscles, nerves, motor skills. When the injury, regularly strada head, so it is very important to protect, for example. for driving the motor. Aries is very nervous, passionate and erotic, but due to impatience and often irrational approach to sexual relations without protection. Because it is often treated for sexually transmitted diseases, some of which may seriously jeopardize and its fertility. In general, it tends to infections with high fever, headache and migraine, toothache, meningitis, stress, anxiety and high blood pressure. A preferred as a donor, and to feel better, be more sleep, eat fibrous foods, and foods rich in vitamin C and E. Soothes the scent of lavender.
Exercise: Running
Rams love their body and their mental and physical condition responds extremely increased physical activity. For them, the best run in the early morning, before sunrise, or at sunset, if they are not early risers. Members of this religious symbol and achieve good results in running, mostly short-term. Running is an ideal choice whether they want a healthy way to get it out harmful psychological and physical tension and negative energy, the best in nature, but can also indoors – on a conveyor belt.