RAM tearing their hair out ŠKORPIJA not collect PREY Thus react signs of the zodiac when there’s no sex

Lack of sex are each experiencing their own way, but when you get caught up here, and stars, things can be quite interesting.

Some signs šiznu completely, while others believe it or not is immaterial.

Check out which character shall abstinence.

RAM despairs

Rams are large sex addicts. Sexual desire is not so difficult to control not tolerate even brief periods of abstinence. And when you can no longer hold, moving into attack. . Without any preamble potential partner will immediately make it clear that it only interested in physical contact.

Bulls are frustrated

It is not easy for them, because they are by nature greedy. Although that in no way trying to show how frustrated for long periods without sex can threaten and restrained Taurus.


They like to change a partner and can easily saturate all. How are good actors, very convincing when you want sex. When they get what they want, disappear in search of a new source of passion, although previously promised a lasting relationship and a great love.

CRABS fall into depression

Many Crab lives in a world of erotic fantasies to him compensation for real sex life. this sign a life without sex pretty hard fall.

LIONS just thinking about sex

Lions like to praise sexual exploits and the number of partners, but often the opposite sex stand out that are great in bed and promise unforgettable moments. Therefore, a period of sexual inactivity because it hides in the eyes of others want to retain the image of a large and successful lover.


If the conditions in force abstinence, run away from this sign.

Lack of sexual activity compensated for the work. If the marriage or relationship that is not getting enough sex, Virgo will soon cool down and decide on a double life with a lover or mistress.

SCALES flirting with the dark side

Libra is not addicted to sex but about love. They are romantic and cheery prirosde. The problem is that these two concepts are often confused. If his attempts to seduce someone does not immediately bear fruit over another victim.

Scorpio does not collect PREY

This astro sign without sex does not work very well, so is abstinence during all the time in the hunt for prey. When it comes to conquer, they’re not giving up until the other party, awakened his passion, not before. If you can not reach the Scorpio abstinence solve socializing with “friends night”.

SCORER will fill anyone’s BED

He is in everything “his” but abstinence is well tolerated, and the accumulated sexual energy ejects sports, entertainment and recreation. He is spontaneous in all, a good control is perhaps the secret to his success in conquering the opposite sex.


They are not the same, but without sex can withstand quite a long time. This does not mean that they do not have the desire, on the contrary, they are very passionate, but they are very choosy when it comes to choosing a partner. Capricorn is sexually active as long as the partner attracts interest.


Even when long abstain, not eager to conquer. Easy prey for him is not a big enough challenge. No matter how long it takes, Aries wants to win someone he likes.

FISH AND FINALLY seeking love

How no different sex and love, always in love with those who are in sexual relationships. Members of this sign are not addicted to sex in the true sense of the word but rather the need to constantly be loved.