REMEMBER words that will help you in the most difficult moments: Each zodiac sign has its own mantra!

When you think that there is no way out, that you have never been up and you do not even know yourself how you are going to make the next step, to remember these words, and soon you will be much easier.


Most people you see almost as full of fire power plant and expect that you’re always ready for action. You must understand that you are a free human being and you do not have to meet anyone’s expectations.


You are not selfish if you care about yourself. Work hard and just because you deserve every bit of self-love that fail to grow into himself.


It may seem that everything around you is played too fast or too slow. However, you should be aware that everything will be all right, you all can just take a deep breath.


Like a month, there are moments when you feel dark and tiny, but then you must be aware that you will soon be back on stage, brighter, bigger and stronger than ever.


You are a star, your glory does not need a stage to be observed. Shine on their own, without any help. Relax and enjoy.


Take a moment to feel. Accept your feelings. Listened to his heart. You have to find the harmony of thought and instinct to make everything fit into place.


We agree that it is difficult to achieve equality and balance of success that is worth every effort. Expressing his views loud and clear and do not apologize.


There is nothing wrong with occasionally be reserved and secretive. It does not make you dishonest person, but a beautiful mystery that everyone will want to expose.


You are passionate, daring, adventure lovers. Do not apologize to anyone because of the fire that burns in you. Do not be ashamed of their power. You are beautiful.


Do not be afraid of mistakes. Learn from them and move on. Nobody can judge you, we are all people and everything will be fine.


There will be moments when you will, because of its unique nature, feel isolated. You need to be aware that loneliness is not the same as solitude. You have people around you who care about you.


It is not selfish to put their mental and emotional health in the first place. You need time to recharge your batteries and there is nothing wrong with that.