Retrograde Venus returns the sign of a great love

Six weeks, during which Venus stroke affect our finances but also the love life will be filled with many exciting deals and opportunities.

However, many will be faced with sweet promises, insatiable longings, hasty attractiveness to a character that best manage …

Crazy passion for the month of March will open shooters, especially those born between 12 and 21 December. Will fill you with a sense of liberty as a time when you felt, breaks loose and you feel more beautiful in their own skin.

With a wave of optimism come you many good things, and fills you with vitality and strong. You are healthy, friendly and in a beautiful relationship with people close to all the group activities go in joy.

The opportunity for romance will be many, and among them will be those serious, but also a lot of superficial. Even a return to the old love, but pain in the heart, are here to remind you of what you truly seek. A Sagittarius truly seek happiness in the home.

Conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in late March will bring innovations in your daily schedule. Open your eyes, heart and mind, not to turn away from flashes of intuition. New people coming into your life, no matter how unusual, may be of particular importance.

Mars astrology special magnetism, so the more often you look for love than you do her. You love to be the center of attention and therefore will do you good this period of self-confidence and magnetic charm. If you are looking for the right moment to declare their love, let it be between 17 and 19 March. Be willing to make such a statement and receive. Mart will bring many shooters the most beautiful moments of love – an engagement or marriage,