Return of Saturn and its lessons-Saturn is a new beginning! Saturn is life and death!

Saturn return as apocalypse, or at least so announced. Saturn is so negative label affixed to the good that brings no one does not see. Although there is a reason, and called time.

It takes time to become aware of the mechanisms of human suffering for which to eventually if I may say, embraced Saturn return. Whenever I talk about Saturn, imagine a great king who comes to us to judge. We see it, we fear, but we can not escape, but we are here, we are in anticipation of what will happen to us.

Saturn usually become aware only when we get closer, or when all the pain and suffering becomes so difficult that we have no choice but to simply look at what was going on. Symbolically, Saturn are our duties and responsibilities, control, discipline history. Therefore, the return of Saturn announces reflection of that part of life that is behind you. That part of life does not appear in the form of vivid images and memories, because we would then talk about the moon, Saturn announces reflection of the conclusions that we brought as a result of experiences related to that part of life.

The first lesson – the question

Saturn’s return to the court in which it discusses the functionality of the conclusions you made based on the experience which you have applied. If Saturn is in conjunction with practical and functional things, as a serious and responsible, his return just ask this: ,, Dear man, what’s your thought and your consciousness serve your purpose? ” This question everyone responds in their own way, or even does not correspond very long. Therefore, Saturn indicator of karma, it gives structure life, giving shape and form, gives body and as it so i take.

The second lesson – the destruction

Saturn return is a function of demolition and establish a new order and a new structure. He is a symbol of pressures and obligations in a given space-time context. Saturn’s mid pressures to grow up. Saturn is the loss of a loved one. Saturn is the loss of identity. But Saturn has a new job. Saturn is a new beginning. Saturn is life and death.

Its role is to help burn the house and to make you build a new one. If your house were all that what you believe people like you, the money you’ve been saving, and even the smell of a childhood favorite. It is now burned and you have to go again, everything. This is a rebirth.
Therefore, the second lesson of Saturn: ,, Do not tie up and do not expect, because all you’re being swallowed up in time. ”
The only way to love one is content to re-fall in love with his (in) form. Emotional relations whatever type it is a time to become score and subtracting that form forever, Saturn reminds us how important content. So, if you lose a parent, Saturn directs you to the essence of love is not the body which is no more, but the energy (the contents of) your love for that person.

The third lesson – ,, leave behind the content, not the form of “

In this way, Saturn indicates the ultimate loss of our forms and raises the question of how we meet our own content. So personal, personal growth, self-love, empathy, and all other values. With physical death and dying ego, so that all actions are guided by him for life are only the wounds of time and people.

The house and sign in which Saturn is speak about the lessons that a person should go. Return of Saturn will be felt much earlier. If Saturn takes about 30 years to pass the entire zodiac circle and return to the natal position, the effect of the return will be felt before. The transit period ranging from 27 years of age. How will the Saturn exhibit depends on the aspects that says, but also the level of consciousness of a person, how much is willing to learn and adapt to new situations.

Lesson Four – ,, if you fight me, your wounds will bleed “

This means that every struggle against something to which generally have no impact as the reactions of other people and their decisions can only hurt you even more; at the same time as the planet Saturn control and discipline, announcing his return and the loss of control over certain things in order to gain control over the other.

Lesson five – ,, stay high in the pain that he could not see him, “

This means that one should not be hiding from the pain, should not be bent before the accident, because the twisting and turning mean that a man is not looking in the direction of pain, but if you do not watch, he can not see the pain in the right light. Height points to a bird’s-eye view or understanding of their situation from a higher, level objective.

Lesson Six – ,, all you’ve been, you’ll never be “

After Saturn return, a person, a thought, but no actions can not be the same. She can be trusted to do the same thing, but the way it looks at this thing is no longer the same. Saturn brings altered state of consciousness. Since we are solely dependent on whether and how many will serve this awareness.
Stephen Foresta finish the sentence, which refers to the fact that Saturn does not require us to give up the dream, but just to look at them realistically. Although the reality is different for everyone, what he meant by the term ,, realistic “is the functionality, organization, purpose and most importantly consistency in procedures regardless of limitations. Both Saturn and every teacher puts before us development barriers, whose removal we become a teacher.