Roždanik: Perpetual our old horoscope reveals what awaits fate

According to ancient beliefs, zodiac sign was determined by month of birth. Here is presented the twelve signs, and each is attributed strictly defined path in life.


Male. When the bore 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … days this month, will be medium height, thin nose, slapping, respectable, mild-mannered and if they devote to science, will play a major role in his people; – and who was the father of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 … will be smallish, dark-haired, hospitable, gracious, big voice, a cheerful, volatile, reckless and poor memory. If the rash if this time, a time that favors, RECOMMENDATION patience in one profession, because only it can make you happy and valid.

Gender female. It will be beautiful, brown and prude. Bolovaće more often than the head. Children will repeatedly flooded. It will be good i thrifty housekeeper. If you survive 26 years, will experience a ripe old age.

Male. When the bore 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … this month, it will be very loyal to the practical sciences, especially economics and speculation; – and who was the father of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 … will be volatile, easy, fast, later to change his nature. Very happy to travel and will strive for wealth.

Gender female. It will be beautiful, brown, yellow, or a cold heart. Some things will be silent as a fish, but in some, and too talkative. If you are married, be faithful to her husband. If you spend 10, 15, and 30 years, will welcome a ripe old age.

Male. When the bore 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … day of this month, there will be a short face, a good worker, a wise, honest, angry, free and very sympathetic to the women; – and who was the father of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 … will be terrible ravenous and in need, will not be afraid of fraud and theft, only to come up with something. Many will travel in foreign countries.

Gender female. Few devovati married and be faithful and bear any trouble trpljivo. Being true to everyone, honest and hospitable. Berry will give birth to healthy children.

Male. When the bore 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … this month, will be ruse hair, shy, compassionate, talented; will observe the science and art; will be honest and will have plenty of zavidljivaca. Many will trade and other people will not seek help; – if you are born a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 … days, being crafty, grasping, envious, talkative and any secret will not know how to save. If you marry young, in everything will prosper and enrich yourself.

Gender female. Being-eyed, cheerful, talkative and timid. The big companies will be happy to go. When the penis just will let it go and become a good housewife. Will welcome a ripe old age.


Male. If the bore 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … day of this month, there will be sharp-eyed lepolik, brave and good soldier. Will avoid the slightest society; – However, if the bore a 2, 4, 6, 8, … 10 days, to be sociable, cheerful, humorous-loving, soft and kind, in particular to women. If you dedicate science, will serve the people, from whom it originated in glory. In the deep will impoverish age if still in his youth to learn preservation.

Gender female. Being healthy, big, yellow and too friendly. If the early and happily married, and being a husband and his family to the glory and pride.

Male. When the bore 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … day of this month will be a tall, smart, timid, welcoming and everyone is welcome, and if on occasion and Spitfire. On a nice suit to keep up, but the food and drinks. – If, however, bore 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 days … if you devote to science will be taught; But if the puck is not paid, the age will be healthy to repent. Happiness in a foreign land by check.

Gender female. It will be pretty slim. The first and second ljubaznik to leave. When you get married first husband will live rusty and soon will be left limbs. The other will be her husband in every pleasure to revive. The pride and the dish will throw the disease.

Male. When is born this month, will be brown, high, reasonable, fair, brave, free, strong body composition and sudden, because he should be kept of any disputes and quarrels, because it can very easily like misery. Being a lover of good drink and good food.

Gender female. Being pious, eloquent and pleasing to the unknown. LJubića strong and courageous people, especially soldiers. Very easy to be bother, then immediately turn back his anger and insult caused her to forgive generously.

Male. When is born this month, it will be a nice, middle aged, devout, but also fierce, respectable and famous. In science will progress well. For general good will all burn out, but not any thanks for that of his compatriots harvest. If you are an ode to the store, will be baked merchant, and enrich yourself.

Gender female. It will be a beautiful, dark-haired, long hair, mislostiva, sometimes proud and ponošljiva. In his life to many difficult and gloomy spend. If the wound limb, not god knows how to be happy; If you turn to your 30 years are married, very easily to the grave devovati.

Male. When you give birth this month, will be brown-haired, middle aged, intelligent, willful and negligent. If the profession to which the ode, well consider being rolled trader, an excellent officer … to large farms will not come, but he will be called after the death of the people remember. LJubića justice and truth, and the poor will need, in as much as it is possible, potpomagati.Putovaće much. If it is strong and durable, each will go to his job at it.

Gender female. It will be dark-haired and hair like silk; Say arbitrary, and when-you and feisty. Married to give birth to many children and old age in peace and satisfaction implemented.


Male. When born this month, but in childhood to him severely treated, being one of the first people; and if you fail to pay enough attention, but it is all looking through your fingers, it will become a predator and rogue. Many will be good or much evil committed. He would rather drink wine than water.

Gender female. Being tall, beautiful, angry and impetuous. Entrusted secret will not be able to withhold. It should be healthy to keep her from many vitriolic speech, if he thinks that happiness itself does not kill. There will be someone else’s happiness enviable and passionate fan of wine and coffee. Married to berry degenerate children, one of which will be in his old age a great joy to welcome.

Male. When is born this month, it will be beautiful, cheerful person, ponošljiv, smart and happy. I do not need nothing to take lightly, because anything that flies, not eaten. Many will by the evil enemies of state. If a soldier, being an avid hunter and are very dangerous to the enemy on the battlefield, both girls in the game.

Gender female. It will be cuddly, brown, long hair, a short lesson. Of dying for soldiers and hunters. Many will fall in love with her, and she will make fun of them all.

Male. When is born this month, it will be beautiful and slender body, Jogunica, vipers, hospitable, conceited. When an activity is took, should ask for the advice of your friends, because otherwise, if in his imagination remains steadfast in svkom company to be unhappy. Many will travel with foreigners will have more full-fledged, but with their births. It will be frozen and will be healthy warmed. If he is wealthy, the poor will do much good.

Gender female. Being muškobana, but still pleasant and gracious. Bolovaće very little. Each of her work, as well as valuable and valid mistress, to go out of hand. From their children and grandchildren, will receive great joy.