S E T R L A C-Sexologists say the rarest goals are faced with sexual problems!

1. spouses shooter consider that the greatest fault of their spouse preference disbelief. The virtues at their highest price tolerance and readiness for forgiveness, but points out that in the home often brings serenity and dynamism.

2. Sexologists argue that rarest Shooters are faced with sexual problems. Sexual activity as something which is healthy for the body and spirit, and they sed indulge freely, as if it is about sport.

3. It seems as if they do not like the chair. Prefer to watch television sitting on cushions on the floor, and often sleep on the floor. Even while eating sit on Turkish way.

4. They vases najrazgibanije people. The reason lies partly in the innate exuberance, but many among them are faithful devotees of yoga, tai-chi and various forms of gymnastics.

5. People under this sign often on other people ask questions and seek additional information. However, forced a group of those who do not allow impatience to welcome a complete answer and know that interrupt someone’s speech.

6. The study found that shooters have the fastest reaction wheel. Foot brake pedal pressed 5% faster than second-placed Rams, and the Trust drivers.

7. Although they tend to divorce, they do not cover the top of the list ungrateful. Statistical data show that the marriage was contracted between Sagittarius and Gemini combination that often end up in court.