Sad, melancholy and pathetic: born under this zodiac sign are extremely emotionally

They are difficult to deal with all of life’s challenges, patetišu and drama.

It is the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Gentle and melancholic crabs are difficult to cope with almost all of life’s challenges, we often do not have the strength for further efforts, a terrible fear of failure and pain. Therefore sneak into his cocoon, where they feel safest. In the case when they experience a drop in life, do not try to fight but giving up, under the banner “will be what will happen.”

When it comes to romantic relationships, members of this sign are real EMOtionals. I fully surrender partner, who held and not released. When stuck Cancer becomes most tender, most carefully and most generous creature, but also very sensitive and offensive.

He dreams of great love, harmonious relationships and marriage, and if you do not satisfy their emotional needs, can commit infidelity in a relationship or marriage.

Since it is very emotional, Aries is prone to weeping, and pathos, and the story of the “never anyone not love”, if his / her date of room to waxing rhapsodic, at one time will certainly do that lists all instances when you have offended or hurt, but it is (in his / her head) were many and often.