Sade hours – seven and a half years … From rags to riches! Saturn!

Sade hours or seven years of sorrow is the period during which the transit! No Saturn passes over the natal Moon. If the natal Moon is in Leo, planted hours will begin the moment you enter the transit into Cancer and will last until you get out of the sign of Virgo. Thus, the plant will last for hours until the transit Saturn going through the signs Cancer, Leo and Virgo. This is a period of seven and a half years.

The rule is that when transiting Saturn enters the sign that precedes the sign in which the natal Moon begins planted hours. It will last until the transit Saturn is out of character that is after the sign in which the natal Moon.

This period is also known as seven and a half years of sorrow. But let’s look at what actually is somewhere in the background of this period.

Seven and a half years …
We all have strengths and weaknesses, talents, gifts, things we are proud of and things you would prefer to hide from yourself and others. Saturn is the strict planet that says that everyone must take responsibility for their actions. Everyone has to deal with them, to gain wisdom and to look truth in the eye.

Sade sati is a period when you actually learn about yourself. And how we learn? This is already completely individual. Everything depends on the position of Saturn in one’s birth chart.

If a person has in the natal chart Saturn in the fourth house, the lessons will be bound for home, family, and emotions.

This item Saturn is challenging in itself, because it points to problems in the course of growing up. Strict parents, lack of home pervelika expectations and rejection are just a few examples. What is common for this position Saturn is the lack of emotional fulfillment of the person to a greater or lesser extent.

Family and family relationships are the basis of life. Parents are a child’s view of the world. On the basis of these children will build their own beliefs about yourself and the world around them. If the child is deprived of love, healthy relationship with the emotions, the protection it receives from parents remain without the basic, initial steps in life. That is why the child will not know how to express himself when he grows up.

If the child keeps saying he does not know anything that is not worth enough and similarly, what will this actually believe. Therefore, the later probably have a problem with confidence.

As usual contradictory feelings arise. On the one hand, there is a need to leave the parental home, and on the other hand, there is doubt as to their own value and strength.

When a plant hours can lead to a very painful separation from his family. Not so much because of the painful separation, but because now people do not know and does not know how to self-build their lives. Saturn here before a person puts a challenge to independently build their own value system. Then the wisest regularly by yourself, have your quiet corner, as a process that will take place will require a person to be alone with him in silence.

From rags to riches
This is just one example of how to make it easier to be understood period of seven and a half years of sorrow. Of course, Sade Sati will each bring such a dramatic event. What is everyone COMMUNITY is that then perform big changes in my life, but some things will have to be put an end.

Many in this period intensely learn about themselves and then just find your life purpose and meaning. Just then, an epiphany experience, become aware of something which had not even thought and move some of its path. When the period ends, and when you look behind you, seeing that they have been a rocky road, but certainly no reason! They became stronger, wiser and more aware. They understood the invaluable life lessons and are ready to move on.

Everything that is hidden on the surface of Saturn is the person trying to deal with what is repressed. Curtains fall, and what is behind them, it is wise to accept. Saturn is the best teacher and best friend people might want. Strict as every true teacher and not pander to anyone. Will push a person to the limits of endurance, and when it will remove all the shady places that someone could hide.

Saturn person can painlessly lead to the truth, or is it can force all depending on how one chooses. When we Saturn again bring inner peace, nobody it can no longer be deducted.

When you feel great tension and tension, pull up. Go to a quiet place and try to look at things through different eyes. The solution is always somewhere nearby, a Saturn shows us precisely the path that should be followed.