Sagittarius-all the women in a relationship or marriage! Maybe this will not help you to get more love and better understanding in a marriage ……

It is best to be a true and honest drug to her husband. These women are often in a very intelligent way to participate in the affairs of her husband. Sagittarius A woman not pushy, she has enough patience to wait for the moment in which will be asked for advice, and when that happens, it will be interesting listener, but a very wise counselor.

Her real field of action are various hobbies and sports. All life outside is extremely interested and occupied. He likes fishing, hunting, horseback riding and competitive sports. That man does not need much to ask companions for all these forms of entertainment if you marry a woman born under the sign of Sagittarius. She was enthusiastic when it comes to all kinds of activities, social, civic life, sports or gambling and which enjoys. It is clear that a man with such a wife can have a wonderful and interesting life.

In the house, she is very expeditious and knows with children. She is a woman who can be trusted. Require an active and fast life. Since almost not jealous, they have a wide circle of friends of both sexes. They are very able to avoid all the emotional complications. Sometimes it can be suspicious in relation to her husband, but to express with remarkable tact and measure.

One, however, are not as tactical when it comes to everyday problems. Since the very open, they are often “fly out” when talking about others and, in turn, respect the principle of “what the mind is on the road.”

Emotionally, she was very nervous. Do not make a fetish of physical relationships, but still enjoy sex and requires her husband’s attention and love. Her approach to sex is refined and inspiring.