Sagittarius / Capricorn characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

In this connection the sign and Ascendant awareness of their own values ​​encourage this nature to the hard work and persistent, and eventually gained the support and recognition of others. Common sense dominates nature and this really is a great power that it exerts on other people, but also to itself, consciously controlling the passions and ambitions. Its basis is still a philosophical or religious attitude to life, a sense of inevitable fate that is encouraged to rise themselves, demonstrating a critical stance in relation to their thoughts and actions.

Since it is not in favor of daydreaming or nonchalance, this mixed type is a brave fighter, when you realize your ambitions. See your way up as the way to go rather than as a series of moments to live it intensely. That builds on its present function as a future that has yet to create, whether it is a career or his development as an individual.

His election is defined according to the criteria of your time and it’s rare to question the socially recognized value. However, often expressed a desire to improve the criteria to improve their own and other people’s destiny. This is an individual motivated by an ambition to contribute actively collective life. Over the years, he builds an ideal that will become the magnetic pole of his life, always remaining solid nature, able to cope with the world around them and overcome the greatest difficulties in life and to work tirelessly on their internal development …

– Many people seem stiffer than they are in essence. Hard to show their feelings and more are facing a traditional style and conservative values. You are capable, through its back preturi variety of concerns and problems, and to no one in particular does not complain. You are oriented to success, authority, diligence and feel the need to witness the concrete results of its efforts; at organizational skills and power to even the most complicated business projects have in plain view – it is important you are to achieve success in the material plane and to prove it. In childhood you probably was not easy; It seems that never young enough, never the harum-scarum teenager. However, as you age so beautiful, so that you will later act younger than they really are.

You have an insatiable, almost childish need for emotions, but also the constant fear that someone does not abuse. Often, you realize that you are misunderstood because they actually hide their own thirst for attention and tenderness. Decent you rarely will a promise if you can not promise to keep; you are patient and persistent, but you can be too one-sided, almost over-disciplined, so act reserved and cold. You look thoughtful and you lonelier than your prototype Suncani of Sagittarius.

Only if we manage to establish spiritual harmony, you will be able to subordinate their ambitions and only one goal. That will help a lot of your best ally Time …