Sagittarius is a symbol of the rise of a culture and break down the barriers between people ……

Mythology: Centaur, half man, half horse. Chiron was the wisest of centaurs and immortal. Wounded by Heracles in a war that has brought against the centaurs. His immortality to Prometheus gave to misery. He then ascended to heaven.

Modality: Variable

Element: Fire

Ruler of the planet Jupiter

Harmonious expression: open, promising, enthusiastic, multicultural, honest, idealistic

Inharmonious expression: restless, extravagant, naive, clumsy, irresponsible

Archetype: Goal is the archetype of truth, wisdom and inspiration. It is a symbol of the rise of a culture and break down the barriers between people. This is a channel universe, representing teachers, philosophers, priests, long journeys in themselves and the world.

The planets in Sagittarius tend to ask your aspects, they love the freedom of research. Fields with the sign of Sagittarius and Jupiter town talking about the place where the natural enthusiasm manifested, where energy is unfettered and there is a tendency to expand and understanding. It is a place of ideals, humanity and the need for unification through this city person connects with the universe.

Shadow Sagittarius is infatuation, unreality, beg and irresponsibility, lack of interest in daily life and people. Through the opposite sign of Gemini needs to learn flexibility, gain the necessary skills to realize their ideals and cooperation.