Sagittarius-Man voice of wisdom!

Name of the map: Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
Map Description: The voice of wisdom
Features: Social and always surrounded by people. Optimist, in some situations too. She tries to see the good in everyone, which is why we have so many friends.

Adventurers, attracted by unexplored and unknown things outdoors and adventure sports. It is often tactless and thoughtless thinking that anyone can Rece what he had in mind, but fortunately, things are always taken in his favor.

He likes to travel and to get to know different cultures. Strive to always be informed about any historical event or a concert date. People love it for sincerity, kindness, help you at all times seeks to provide and equality. In emotional relationships tends brutal honesty, and the partners are expected to accept as well-intentioned advice. In most situations it will be of those who give advice, but they are not willing to listen to someone else and advice.

In emotional relationships most valued freedom, something like the lack of any obligations and responsibilities, which is basically everything that could jeopardize its activities and free time. At work is worth, meticulous and responsible worker. Often the work is progressing as quickly connects with people and learn from them quickly.

Because of tactlessness he can fall into trouble, but nothing that can not mean that I’m sorry. It’s hard for him to express deep emotions and usually refuses to talk about such situations, especially those that refute his logic. An idealist, she loves freedom, whether in the expression, decision making and selection of activities.