Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for August 2020

JOB: It is nice to work tasks or services trade. Here you at this time earned bigger money. Do you love traveling, working as a field salesman, a tourist guide and all that provides dynamics of movement, communication and going out of the country in which you live. You will have the positive aspects of the end of the month. Although, pay attention to who you are communicating in the second half of the month is your house career directly attacked by retro Mercury. Surely that one Scorpio to seek cooperation with you, because you is estimated as a character that can not sell – whatever you or your co-operation continues with air signs Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

LOVE: For you love spell so sometimes behave dreamy, youthful, without a goal or organization. Because the eclipse in Leo will need to be careful in love with the fiery signs, while you water signs like Cancer or Pisces great advice. Sagittarius married loves summer adventure but beware Leo, Scorpio and Aries that you are not exposed, although they still believe unreservedly.

HEALTH: You have to take care of your bones, rheumatism, although not in the sign Capricorn but Saturn is now in your constellation, so you have a disease of your ruler Saturn than Jupiter.