Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


Jupiter in your career field with the planet Mercury who joins him on July 31, will surely encourage current business developments, and your ideas and plans which have long thinking, will begin to be realized. At the same time, thanks to Mars in Scorpio, to 5 August, you’ll make it in a short time all the necessary changes to improve the way we do business, and status. To all goes according to plan, it is important that the desired changes are real and effective. Otherwise, the situation could be complicated and cause further trouble. Stellium in the field that indicates the overseas indicates the need to focus work in this direction, but it would be best to take place in both directions. After 13 August, Saturn who so greatly hampered its retrograde motion, moving directly to the final, which will bring new opportunities to achieve things you until recently kept popping despite the hard work and dedication.


The planet Mercury, the ruler of your seventh field in August along with Venus in field work draws attention to the work commitments in the direction of a person who is of interest to you for a long time. Just make sure not to mix business with courtesy some signals that you expect. The situation could be very complicated if it was someone with whom you work together or at the same institution. Venus is the sign of Virgo is in decline, as well open your eyes and not complaining about the first ball. Do not mix work and emotions like adventure you can not help after bitterly regretted. Think of your reputation. If you do indulge in a relationship and suddenly realize that this is not what you expected, it is better to cancel than weather to force things to their own detriment.


Possible problems with bones, joints, tendons and extremities. Beware of personal injury, particularly if they are already in the near future either.