Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for December 2021.


During the first two decades of the month free will radiate and dissipate around an incredible positive energy that will easily attract members of the opposite sex. Acquaintances during this period can go on a strange, strange way, but also through social networks, the environment or through contacts with friends. You who are “young and stupid” and do not want to tie this period will take advantage of it is excreted and spend more than good. Those members who sign up hope a serious story, to be sure that a relationship develops in a very good direction and that could result in a connection already during the second decade of December. This is your month, and use it the way you want and how the heart responds! If you have any problems or unsettled scores with emotional partner, be sure that they will be presented at this month’s agenda. You will however try to balance (with very variable results), or partner can really be exhausting and difficult and push you. Be making some of the problems and situations that you have long since forgotten and be sure that you do, especially the second decade of this period, bringing the issues which you will have to be seriously addressed. But everything can be arranged if the love is strong and if you have so much will!


Although predisposition for this period are not that bad, but it is obvious that you will have enough time to devote unprofitable things, correcting, repairing the mistakes and repeating work you have already done. We strongly advise you to try to maintain good communication and contact with superiors, because to this side could often hear the criticism and objections to your account. That you can not just lock up, and you will do much less and be more distraction. In fact, during December you need a better organization than usual, greater focus and can not be rushed and hasty retreat moves. Communication with potential partners is very correct, and you will easily find opportunities for new or additional engagement. With existing business partners are trying to maintain a satisfactory level of business. Improving finances moving into the third decade of this period.


The first half of the month is pretty good health to you and you should not have any problems. Older populations would still during this period could not pay attention to the spine, liver, gallbladder. From the second part of December pay attention to diet – will not exactly pleasant for all, especially if you overdo it!