Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for February 2021st


Mars in your box of secrets “working” full steam and during this month. For those shooters who would be a little “play” casual attitude and secret stories, this time as a soul given to fire. Do not just move to – something that looked like a fling can certainly deepen during this period, and some members of this sign will remain surprised by the power of passion that this person is activated. If you are busy, be careful – it is possible that there is nothing specific I dopisivnja or a mild flirtation or emotional partner this will certainly smell. Any message that partner should not see can be read, a phone call can be activated with the loved one all alarms. If you do not want to say from the finished cuff, stop while there is still able to do so. Overall – their primary relationships and marriages tend to be getting better. However, it remains true that you do not have enough time for a loved one I give you this certainly can be criticized. If you do not want to wake up negative feelings of a loved one – you need to give her more moments together. If you are free, but for a while you notice that you are not attracted to roam from one person to another. You want to be with someone to whom you can count on and rely on, someone with whom you can share your innermost secrets and desires. At one point in the second half of this month, you will think that you have found just that one. Let the story slowly unfolds, to give time a chance to determine if this is it.


At any time you maximally committed to work because they know very well what you want. This is especially prevalent among those scored intending to be self-sufficient and initiate a private business. Opportunities to do so will open the second part of February, and will be even more serious to throw the plans and define what you need to go. Field work and money, as well as the field of movement, travel, communication, will be the most current and most pronounced. All this effort for months you invest now will be able to charge extra, but I take the opportunity to open a new business “fronts”. Those who observe the side were amazed with how the patience and persistence approach every problem I dedicate to him, but I have work commitments over the head. Occasionally, you may difficult to work with his closest colleagues, because they disagree mode and viewing the problems to be solved. Two or three tense moment during the month were still something that you can handle. After all, Saturn is in your sign, and you know well its symbolism -strpljen – saved. Understand that you are waiting for your moment.


Older members sign will definitely have a problem with circulation. Younger actual spine, bones, teeth. Pain in the shoulders or lower back can I be of long-term work in an improper or uncomfortable position. Options for transient respiratory problems in the second half of February.