Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for March 2021st


Emotional ties and marriage will not experience a boom during this month, but will not come to any major rift between you and your partner. It’s a little tense the first decade of the month, mostly those who were married, as the strained aspects, but also solar eclipse tie just for the box at home, but it is certain that you will at that time rather than mutes fact, their criticizing behavior only further provoke spouse. But when we get out of these first ten days that are under tension, fairly clean ground in front of you at a distance. Now, it is evident that neither you or a loved one are not satisfied with their relationship, but now there are some great chances to get on and fix it. Take advantage of the moments you spend together in the best possible way and let the time allowed to settle everything here and there on your own. Both make you feel good to be up in some fun activities or spend time with friends, and there will be more opportunities in the second half of March. All in all, not a bad setting for you. As far as free, Eclipse of the Sun (Sun rules your love field) that occurs 9 th March will definitely spoil your image about someone who you like. You can easily understand that you expect too much from these people, and perhaps idealized and everything that is happening will be like a cold shower for you. Do not get worry, there are more opportunities for you, and most of the third decade of March. You will be a balm to the wound, just for your heart.


The first decade of the month is not good for private business, or not to communicate with business partners, because it is hard to come up with common solutions and compromises. If you are intent on only enter into private business, listen to advice and hang up the second half of the month. Despite this tense and tenzičnog beginning shooters are quite successful fight for all situations in the business segment. Yes, Saturn in your sign is definitely not easy “to express” but it teaches you to calm your energy and direct it to the real thing. Patience and responsibility for everything you do, sooner or later will give results. You will have more of their lows of mood, and these appear the situation when you are unjustly neglected, or if your work is not appreciated, but it can not be denied that one easy pace still pushing forward and achieve what you want. Mars energy will further boost to activate and especially to foreign companies and representative offices, where you can make some significant cooperation.


It is time to pay more attention particularly to food and some habits. Do not forget Saturn symbolism, and it is a responsibility to ourselves, in this case and bring health in order. The elderly population in the first part of March may feel increased discomfort, especially when a chronic disease in question. The rest of the month is still much better for you.