Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for November 2021.


Neither this month does not seem to give freelancers the opportunity to start an emotional relationship for a long time I binds to someone. This does not mean that you will not uletati but I izletati from all sorts of connections and ties, but realistically – this does not give grounds for some great durability. Some of you may think about the past more than usual. Moreover, contact with former intimate partner can be briefly restored, but again suddenly cut. It seems to me that neither you nor the other party is not yet opened the way to permanently restore their relationship. In any case, what awaits you in November a number of events, so be sure to count on it that you will not be bored. If you are a member of the younger characters, you will truly enjoy, because you will meet new people and I love to flirt to win. If you are in a relationship or marriage, on the one hand want to deepen their relationship, but on the other – you need a certain amount of time just for yourself, the freedom that you do not want to date anyone. Therefore will occasionally come to the friction between you and a loved one, but it at this point anyway he can easily overcome such a situation, I will always thrive to drop the ball and calm the situation. In fact, not even a little bad weather ahead, especially against those who are in relationships, because they can run in November I let the more important issues in their relationship. Some of you will be the middle of this month to decide that it is time to start to living together with a partner.


If you are unemployed, start looking for a job in another part of the month, but be aware – the more places you will be rejected, so do not lose hope. There is a big chance that your luck smiles in the third decade of November and to get a job, even if it was I a temporary nature. Those who are already working with the huge amount of obligations before him, that sometimes I do not know where to turn before. Your current method of “take it easy” maybe now I will not give real results, you need to be more involved and to comply with all the things you have in a while. Do yourself into a situation to the last minute you start doing something of great importance. Better situation is in the third decade, when you will be much more accurate and more willing to be very active and dedicated work. What is the financial part is concerned, it’s not gonna be charming. Although revenues were rather stable and regular – sometimes will “attack” the higher cost. Also, be prepared to few parking brake or engage in larger purchases or investments, as this could prove to be a very unfortunate move for you.


Younger members of the signs generally solid health situation. Elderly may have a problem with my spine, legs or blood work and by the end of the second decade. The third decade of the month is favorable for recovery and healing.