Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: As always, think carefully before you turn to some new projects. This month’s strong because your career field will be fueled by the planets Mars and Venus that allow you to turn to partnerships, cooperation with large companies or retailers if you work, you have a shop, gallery, sporting goods store, you can expect more work and money. Your ruler Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio from October tenth, and twelfth to your field. Creates a natural shield around your aura, and you should follow his own heart.

LOVE: You are emotionally connected with someone who works in your environment. This love will be stronger if it does not interfere with work. This is the month when you meet with a famous person who helps to stabilize the marriage or cohabitation. If you are married, it is important for you to freedom of thought, a joint trip, casual conversations. Good period for love and passion, from 20 October to all shooters.

HEALTH: It is mainly focus on the lower part of the body that allows longer a real problem. Hips, knees, blood circulation is poor. You must include in your therapy and vitamins as medication and alternative diet can improve blood counts.