Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


It’s time for a new phase in your primary relationships and marriages. Behind you and your partner is quite tiring period and many of you are not sure in which direction we are going. You may be in the first week still “sees” when communication with a loved one in question, but I’ll see for yourself that you will soon be able to open your hearts to each other and finally start solving the problems that you followed. Not only in your relationship again be restored closeness and togetherness, but there will be no wonder if many couples in this period garnered an extension of the family, and those in long emotional relationships – living together or engagement, marriage. Anyway, happy events will mark the third decade of October, so get ready to enjoy to the fullest. If any of you have any disagreements or problems with the family of a loved one, there would be another part of the month, things should slowly start to come into place. A lone members of this sign will primarily be to throw a party, but also to establish new friendships names; I. Some of you will find interesting interlocutors and interesting stories and through the Internet and social networks. Until the end of the second decade will be more varieties of optional story I will not be willing to just open and give your heart to another person. Venus entering your sign that will mark the third decade of the month – in front of you will open up huge opportunities for true love that is worth the effort ….


Stressed sign of Libra transiting through which I ruler of your sign, shooters will be made during the month of October the great business opportunities and opportunity through the connections open many doors for yourself. Also, your field of work and money has been enriched with the transit of Mars, which brings you a huge commitment, stability and a strong will to achieve what you planned. In the first two decades of the month I’ll make a reorganization of its business, but I will be able to plan and analyze what I need to work on further. Good ideas and creativity will also mark this period. The third decade of October brings you a special commitment, but also an excellent business opportunity, as well as a remarkable increase in the financial segment. And in this period were heavily accented additional business engagements, and the money will arrive and on that side. If you are unemployed – more really have no reason to wait and hesitation. The opportunity to find something beneficial for yourself to be!


Your mental segment will be slightly loaded in the first half of the month, and during this period will be more prone to falls and occasional immunity. The rest of the month is more than good for the younger members of the sign, while the elderly should pay attention to chronic ailments, especially if they are attached to the spine, feet.