Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for September 2020.

JOB: Everything is accentuated through a strong mind and a good mood. You will have a lot of work, especially if you go abroad and if these jobs are related to the outside world. Good aspects have to all work wholesale, work with the media, hotels, restaurants, luxury travel. You can be a PR in a big complex. The second half of the month is highlighted for those who work office, Economic Affairs. Although make sure of before the end of the month because it will not be favorable aspects for money. You need to bring good account of how you invest and spend. Expect to pay on the last day of the month.

LOVE: It attracts your passion. Something new is happening. If you are married then you need to show a certain tolerance for the relationship in the community. Often think to yourself, you do not care for a person who lives with you. Sometimes you are too selfish. Your satisfaction on price. If you are then you will have a secret relationship, which can later serve as a support for the job.

HEALTH: You’re not very good health. You are by nature optimistic, but you have to keep an eye on everything. Pay special attention to the thigh, hips. You may also be linked to the pressure or irregular diet.