Sagittarius-monthly horoscope for September 2021.


Venus is largely months in your field friends, dates, social life and at the end of the first decade will join her and Jupiter, the ruler of your sign. Freelancers can count on before them love to open countless occasions, most pronounced during the second decade of September. However, if you want a stable relationship and bond that will last a little longer, not just one year, then the third decade of the month is right for you. Some members of the sign may try to restore communication with former partner, which will bring variable results. And what would I be returning to the old, when your “rating” in the company jump when I will easily “fall into the eyes” to members of the opposite sex … .For those primary relationships and marriages, I do not have the “sweet” picture. The first decade is quite unfavorable, plans with a partner can be deeply disturbed and will easily between the two of you come to friction and conflict. Communication with your loved one will be quite bad I will rule misunderstanding and confusion. In mid-month lunar eclipse in the field of home is also problematic – because I can bring problems in the marriage, but I mixed families in your emotional life. Only since the third decade of the situation calms and clears. We hope that you will successfully pass through the September “traps”.


Definitely month ahead of major changes in the business segment. It’s going to take a lot of turbulence, solar eclipse in the career field. Relationship with superiors will rapidly worsen, and you may be forced to some changes that you could not before. Some shooters may be conditioned, limited to current positions, but some of you will certainly get into a situation that I stay out of work. In this period the necessary peace, patience and of course – without any rash decisions! After “drmajućih” ten days, Jupiter as ruler of your sign has the scale and from that moment in front of you will open up a completely new and different opportunities. Libra government’s chances, contacts, links, and transit of Jupiter through it will bring you unexpected opportunities for change and prosperity. Already from the second part of the month the situation will start to change in your favor, so be prepared to “hunt down” the opportunities that will open. As far as the financial segment, the second half of the month brings improvement of the financial situation.


Your physical and mental condition will generally during the month of September will be more than good. However, occasionally you will have less stress, especially in the first decade and half months, but it will not significantly affect your health.