Sagittarius-monthly horoscopes for July 2020

JOB: An important month to start a new job. Woe to those who work in companies not benefit. More tension in the workplace with co-workers and colleagues to give you the stage when you need a break. Many will not understand your whims and your ambition to do more and more. Do you cooperate with dual air with which you can get a job that is waiting for a longer period. You need to get out of the country and make a profit “deal” out of bounds. It will help a Lion. Unemployed shooters have an offer to work in the administration. The money you can expect from the beginning of the month when they made a great aspects of the planet Sun and your ruler Jupiter in Scorpio, especially when the planet finally move into direct stroke.

LOVE: Jupiter in good aspect to the Sun, and Venus in Leo at the beginning of the month give an interesting acquaintance with a person from the sphere of economics or travel, tourism. For an adventurer like Sagittarius, this represents a real challenge. The whole month will be interesting and full of dates. There is a possibility for an interesting trip where you can be in a nice acquaintance with someone who has an open mind, it probably has to do with sports or film. Creative person seeking adventurer. Shooters married or ties have the opportunity to improve their relationship under the condition that more dealings with society and be open in expressing their desires. People from the sign Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer – may be very important for a serious relationship.

HEALTH: Be careful during hot weather, often overdo it with cold drinks, beware throat.