Sagittarius-Monthly Horoscopes for May 2021st


While the ruler of your sign Jupiter, at the end of the first decade of May to start a direct stroke, but if the situation in your primary relationships and marriages still mostly depend on engagement of your loved one. You personally, because of retrograde Saturn and Mars in your field of personality, in a very bad mood, anxious, impatient, time, time from distant loved ones. However, planetary positions will not allow anyone even stronger separation problems in your relationship, but be sure that you will quite often sees and communication and during a meeting with a partner. It is now time hot, cold time situation, which will still get better in the third decade of May. This period will bring you calm and greater connectivity, that some honest and open conversations with your loved ones being. If you are alone, the deadlock in the field of love is more than evident. Ruler field of love goes retrograde and is in your field of personality, but if someone is interested in you, to a large extent involved and try to win you over. This however will not be easy to implement, because you obviously do not know what you want, but you are sending mixed signals. All the planets are in your field of work, but its forces are directed to that side rather than allow you to experience some nice emotional moments. But here the situation is reversed in the third decade of May, when the shooters suddenly realize I can not stand being alone and they need love and only love.


It is undeniable that this is a hard one month, but much of it that you can not be successful and strongly satisfied with the results, and what you will achieve. The most complicated after you first decade of May, because the ruler of your sign is stationary, you are no personal power, a job and duty is over my head. What’s more, some mistakes from the past come to light and you have to really activate the eye to correct missed. Direct the movement of Jupiter still enter into a lighter period, which does not mean that you and still be loaded, but the situation still more easily resolved in your favor. As some partnership cooperation in this month can get to the review, try to be tolerant and to maintain a decent level of communication with the people who matter the business bit. The third decade is the best for you, because in spite of the hectic pace and nervousness, you finally realize some very successful businesses.


Stellium of planets in the field of health at the same time tells you how much you need to elevate this segment now, but it gives a good chance that this is now a successful and perform. Work on recreation, resting, change your diet and you will see how this will reflect positively on you in the second half of the month …