Sagittarius-psychological profile characters! Read them like a book! Astrology reveals …..

This is a fiery character who symbolizes distance, travel, cosmopolitan spirit and high moral principles. Its members are energetic, open and unfettered, not to hold conventions and do not stay next to the partner you do not like it. These adventurers are no fixed address, world travelers and explorers, lovers, travel writers, athletes and diplomats. Dual in nature; attracts them all that exalts the spirit and the body a year, may be the greatest ascetics and hedonists. They have large appetites, wanting so much to learn, try … Without much thinking to engage in amorous adventure, dangerous sport or risky business venture. The soul of the gamblers; I put all that on the line just one second!

The communication is very open, sometimes too direct. They tell them what comes to mind, ask whatever interests them, and sometimes childishly naive to talk about their plans. The grounds are fair and honest, so they think that others are. They are generous, sometimes wasteful, likes luxury, festivities, celebrations and social gatherings. They want to be where something is happening, the first to come forward as volunteers when they need something to try out or to help others. Attracts them all that different; other countries, traditions, cultures, languages, and particularly exotic areas. They enjoy traveling, do not like boring jobs, they irritate the bourgeois forms of gossip and society. Above all hate the restriction of freedom, a feeling that somewhere must remain or do something. They want to be unfettered and free as a bird in flight, printed far, to see everything and tell others about it.