Sagittarius-What are the zodiac signs in love, and whether they like them ?! (ASTRO)

MAN: He’s always on the move, not like obligations and is prone to adventures. He feels the pressure if someone is trying to bind. It’s easy to fall in love. He is aware of his qualities. Somehow she manages to keep the relationship despite the aspirations for freedom. He quickly becomes bored in a relationship, but the woman who was with him in connection must constantly surprising him with their behavior. The sex is spontaneous, likes to work out there in nature.

WOMAN: Her life as a Spanish series, full of reversals and adventure. He was always in a hurry and eager excitement. She loves life and enjoys it. Nagodna and has many friends of both sexes. When you find a man who is just as exciting as it’ll settle him down beside him. Volida assists and a good friend. In it is easy to fall in love, but it is possible to have at least one failed marriage behind her. This happens because people think that she is different from others. The sex is spontaneous and wants adventure but prefers sex on the beach, in nature.