Salmon or SOVA: Discover what you are in the Indian horoscope! Check that allows animals to the date of birth belongs to and what means!

It is believed that the man assigned at birth and is characterized by an animal. These animals later be seen as a symbol of his personality. Check that allows animals to the date of birth belongs to and what means.

Vidra: January 20 – 18.february
If after the date of birth you belong to a sign Otters, you are intuitive and imaginative people, after thinking years ahead of all others. However, the people you so often perceived as odd or eccentric. Therefore, you may not be the first choice when you need to do something, but it’s a big mistake. Although different look at things, you have a great imagination and intelligence.

Vuk: February 19 to March 20

If you are after Indian horoscope Vuk, you scale the values ​​of love put above everything else. You are passionate, loyal and very loving. On the other hand you are independent and sometimes behave just like a lone wolf – value your freedom, but you are at the same time incredibly gentle and sensitive to others.

Soko: 21 March-19 April
Just like a hawk, you have no problem with reviewing a broader picture of the life situations and are able to lift themselves above any obstacles. Do not waste your time, but you act as soon as you decide something. You were born a leader and ideal for projects or team sports, which is why at a small dose of arrogance which is necessary for such an attitude.

Dabar: April 20-May 20
Hard-working and working, you know exactly how things should be done and how to deal with problems. Clearly, fast and strategic thinking. Loyal to you and are ready to help anyone who needs help. Take control, to adapt to and overcome the obstacle is your motto, however, tend to be all you can lead you into trouble.

Jelen: May 21-June 20

People born under the sign of Jelena are expensive and elegant. People you at first sight nice and because you are frequently in the spotlight, giving you the answers. You muse Indian Zodiac, always know to entertain others. Always aware of the environment and more conscious of their looks, deer can sometimes be self-centered.

Rooster: June 21-July 21
You are extremely empathetic and just seems to understand people. You’re full support for others behave protectively and maternal and therefore are great friends, partners and parents. Roosters are generally thrifty, resourceful and organized.

Salmon 22 July – 21 August
If you were born under the sign of Salmon, very social and you probably have tons of friends. You are confident, passionate and intensely to try to achieve their goals and thus inspire others. Your energy is palpable and contagious.

Medved: 22 August – 21 September
You are stable, durable and reliable, you’re the type of person to which everyone can rely on. At the same time you are also practical and generous, you have an excellent business partner and friend. Bears are usually the voice of reason in most scenarios and make a great balance of owls. You need to know that they are very humble and often shy.

Gavran 22 septiembre – 22. oktobar
People born under the sign of the Raven sexy and charming. I always find a way that others notice and agree with your plans. Fortunately, you have excellent planning thanks to quick thinking and skillful problem solving. In addition, Raven carries simultaneously a dose of idealism and diplomacy.

Snake 23 octubre – 22. novembar

You were born under the sign of the shaman. This means that you are born with the gift of treatment. It is likely that you will be alive to attract medicine, psychology or some kind of esoteric treatment. Snake can often be interested in intangibles why others know seen as mysterious and sometimes frightening. True, this character may be mystified and even somewhat dark, on the other hand is very sensitive and caring.

Sova: 23. novembar – 21. decembar
The adventure is your middle name and you will be happy to change the way that you go through life, and in the blink of an eye. Whatever happens, you will remain optimistic. Owls are known to live life to the fullest, that tend to be careless, reckless and careless. They’re great artists, teachers and activists.

Goose: December 22-January 19
No other character has the motivation and determination of what you have. If something needs to be done, give it to the geese. This does not mean that you are focused only on the job. Do you enjoy and have fun in the company.