SAMOĆA their trials! Three Burcu so unfortunate character that will forever be alone

With some signs it is very difficult to maintain a relationship.

For these three characters solitude as sudbina- due to their their nasty character.


Bulls can be great about – are unselfish and will do everything for the person you love, but at the start of connections often make a big mistake, and it is to be too open and too much give, and the link is practically not even started. For this reason, are often exploited because they do not know how to be the right time to recognize the true face of the person they like.


Problem with Virgo is that it constantly analyzes the partners. Every move i say give too much importance, or even the meaning of which did not exist. Both have incredible talent to create a problem from a completely innocuous situations.


Scales, as their name implies, constantly eyeing something i have never been fully committed relationship where they are currently. So they turn around and look at what else is offered in the market, but in the meantime they ignored problems that occur in a relationship, because they hope it will have to “come up”. And when you do not come up, frustrated by leaving the relationship.