Saturn and Uranus time of great changes that follow-Focus on your immediate family, you’re making small steps in the work, save, and be wise and silent ….

Saturn and Uranus time of great changes to come, the occasion for astrological texts are often crossings important planet in the sky from one character to another, and astrological analysis of events that brings the shift can help personal development and everyone to help in any way directed energy thought. To this can serve as the transition from Saturn of Sagittarius into Capricorn next month. But although this is a very important moment in the sky and introduces us to a new half year stage, which is to everyone on a personal level bit depending on through which our natal home runs, this hronokrator – how Saturn astrologers expert called – and his change of sign is very important for the development of global developments, in particular countries and the countries under its influence.

But what I want to write and what can be connected with the entry of Saturn in Capricorn just before the event and that another very important planet in the spring of next year, changing the character of Uranus from Aries enters the sign of Taurus. Transcendental planets, which belongs to Jupiter, very rare (Uranus still the fastest, every 7 years) changes sign, but it still marks the entrance of our collective (unconscious) to a new power phase, and always refers to the global change in which we participate as individuals . Transcendental planet – so called because they can not be seen with the naked eye in the sky, the planets are responsible for collecting events in their birth chart describes the setting possibilities as individuals to be affected and to what extent these developments. Uranus was the first planet on the other side – ie. by invisible to us (but we can not personally and actively to influence the events that brings) describes the objective level of sudden events, earthquakes, shocks, falls, revolution, anarchy, the overthrow of the old, conservative and all the established system and the subjective level, the need for freedom , sincerity, liberation, innovation, haotičnošću, anarchy or the avant-garde, equality, humanism. Uranus rules all organizations primarily humanitarian (because Uranus and Prometheus – the one who brought fire from the gods to the people), but also social networks, tasks that are based on the ramifications etc. Uranus is the planet that asks us to wake up as a people and to bring innovations that are necessary to develop as individuals or in social and cultural terms. In addition to the Uranus – Neptune and Pluto – transcendental planets are also responsible for our collective consciousness – ie. collective unconscious.

Any deeper and unconscious collective consciousness shift taking place on a global level in terms of the events that are specific and the visible. On the one hand there are the emotions (fear, panic and hatred) and on the other side there is a need for awakening and awakening, liberation and unification. And both sides have all of them equally and Uranus starts or waves with every entry of a new character or exact aspects with other planets in the sky. This planet brings a very sudden and unpredictable events, it does not have emotions and be everything it touches. This can be for us to be very difficult and we still experience a touch of Uranus as stress.

Saturn and Uranus time of great changes that follow
An example of this is the objective level when Uranus entered the sign of Aries less than seven years (11.03.2011) amid occurred when the infamous earthquake / tsunami in Japan. The symbolism of the entry of this unpredictable planet at the first sign of the zodiac, where the sun as the planets exalted, is completely filled – Japan – Land of the Rising Sun – was shaken by a devastating earthquake as a warning or as an announcement that the next 7 years in the collective unconscious rule nasty fear of possible activation of a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the city that was most affected by the earthquake. Moreover, Uranus is directly related to nuclear fission and atomic radiation (the sun with a fission uranium with fission) .Each earthquake is associated with the movement of the planet, although they and other transcendental planets associated with the collective misfortunes and cataclysms (Neptune and Pluto).

15.05.2018 years, Uranus enters the sign of Taurus. This is an earth sign in which Uranus does not feel good, and this character as we know is very much tied to our planet Earth (Earth Day celebrating 22.04. In Taurus our plnet called green which also applies to the sign) but also for the Europe (Gr. mythology – the myth of Taurus and Europe). After judging it a possible focus of the event followed by Europe and the planet Uranus revolution and disorder, especially countries that are under the influence (which means they have the characteristics of a particular symbol) this sign can bring big changes (Spain Vojvodina but also our example). Uranus is the planet that wakes us. If this awakening uncomfortable and difficult – we have to accept the consequences of what it brings – but also to deal with the lessons that we serve, which are necessary for our development. During this period, when he entered the sign of Aries was more devastating earthquakes. And more than ever before. What Uranus wants to razdrma and to warn us, and especially the cities and towns rocked – we have to become aware of and try to understand it as a message. What Uran can now stores are disruptions of all artificial creations that are not genuine – because Uranus asks us only honesty and undo all the chains that we inevitably lead to change – no matter whether it comes to divorces (mostly in personal horoscopes when they enter the seventh house) or splits business, friendship or government relations.

Relations hronokratora and transcendental planets in the sky are very important for predicting global events. There are cycles that are tracked among them especially the conjunctions (Large conjunction) between important given the planet as they relate to the beginnings of certain world events and political / economic / socijlanih process of ending the next conjunction. You should always consider the parallel movement and their attitude in a given situation and the incidents, especially when following world events, and explain what the relationship between them brings to everyone.

During Uranus’ entry into Aries in 2011, Saturn was in Libra, and even as it was in a good position for itself (Saturn exalted in Libra) these two planets were made by the opposition (strained aspect of 180 degrees) between them, which always brings (when the two planets are in a relationship) accent in the political sense, the right-wing, conservative and authoritarian processes, currents and hard pending processes. Saturn was not giving support to Uranus, but the entry of Saturn in Capricorn (12/20/2017) reforms that have been launched so. Great conjunction between the two planets (which happened in 1988) can not be resolved in the period that followed. We need to become aware of a very important moment in time that follows (Serbia is in Capricorn), and processes that are started just since 1988 can be very significant and decisive just for us (Kosovo) and various other unresolved issues that permeate more from the nineties.

Uranus entering the sign of Taurus must run not only bullish earth and events that are attributed to a given symbolism of the characters but also the opposing side of the zodiac Scorpio (a lot of Islamic countries is associated with this axis!). This zodiacal axes Taurus / Scorpio is very passionate, refers to the heightened passions, fanaticism, nediplomačnost in particular the need to completely defend their ideas (stubbornness), although perhaps no sense (deep religious beliefs).

Going back to Saturn, which changes sign at the end of this year. The last time the ruler of karma was in Capricorn from 1988-until February 1991. At the same time Uranus was in that sign, and another transcendental planet Neptune. People who are born in this period, therefore, have over the next two and a half years of Saturn’s return, or as they say end of a life cycle. But globally Karma is obviously done their nineties in our region – especially as three very important and distant planets were in Capricorn – the sign which refers to the limitations and denial, stubbornness and lack of confidence or a lack of flexibility and diplomacy, and the result of such positions on a general level brought far-reaching consequences for our future lives, which still feel (the dissolution of the USSR and Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia). And now again narrows to Saturn entering into this character but I will have to Uranus mostly good aspects (in the period up to November 2018, the two planets are in harmonious relationship in earth signs) – this reform or all the technological or social trends that be launched during this period can now get a quality time and to find a good course to solve certain problems that we encountered during the past years. For it is a good year in 2018, to November, when Saturn comes in aspect and this in conjunction with another transcendental planet – Pluto.

Pluto, which is the last planet in our solar system – have long been located in Capricorn and brings a very strong and deep, fundamental changes in the general level if aktvira. Saturn will during their walk through Capricorn, especially during the second half of 2019 and early 2020 (until you get out of this sign in February 2020 when it enters the sign of Aquarius) to come in conjunction with this destructive planet, so this will be a period of confrontation us with a deep and inevitable changes to come in the company but also to our planet. What specifically can we expect changes to gloablnom level? And what brings this conjunction of two very strong energy which compound is announcing the inevitability of the transformation – either willingly or by force. This aspect, which happens every 35 years (approximately) in the sky, can make primarily the outbreak of the surface tension caused by profound differences in cultures, transformation of peoples and migration, siege and war – remanded in caused by prolonged trepljenjem and disagreement with the policy of the country and society, decolonization and the like. Last conjunction of these two planets occurred in November 1982, when we can say there globally to major political or economic changes (think only of the oil crisis, inflation, The Iron Lady and the Falklands war, the cold relations between America and -Regan Russia). Also, this great conjunction cling most of the events in the Balkans but also for all kinds of radicalism, and together with Uranus, which will then be in retrograde speed (Saturn has the support of Uranus and says more problems) and with Jupiter, the planet of justice and wisdom, well-being and happiness that also enters into Capricorn in late 2019 – and dangerous approaching Pluto in February 2020 – can easily get to the escalation of the conflict, the nation or the financial and economic loss and breakdowns in our country and at the global level (last conjunction Jupiter and Pluto took place in December 2007, shortly before the collapse of US stock markets and banks in the US (Lehman Brothers).

To sum up, this kind of situation in heaven and above all by joining Uranus in Taurus (which will be under the sign next seven years) can lead to large-scale turbulent events and changes in the countries that are associated with this sign, but the sign of Taurus cling and Finance, however, this primarily refers to the instability of the administration’s financial results in the world. As the planet Uranus is associated with the ideas of brotherhood, collectivism and vision and as I said Taurus is the sign in which Uranus as such is not feeling well and can not own ideas and reforms to implement properly (Taurus is a fixed, passive female character), we can in the coming years face major restrictions ideas and innovative solutions, financial crunches, wrong investments, bad policy that leads more toward nationalism or radicalism than to foreign policy. Will be interesting to follow developments on world markets but also with virtual money – Bitcoin – one item Uranus in Taurus does not match. Investment in real estate, homes, food (wheat) on the stock market is not too favorable. On a personal level are possible quarrels and divisions especially in the division of assets, problems with housing, loss of land, arable land. The sign of Taurus is more linked to the villages and small towns, so the focus will be on the problems of dissatisfaction of farmers, workers and their production. Possible higher food prices, daredevil enter the general tasks related to the food industry, however, are possible losses (the scandal, breakups, accusations and sudden splits) large food magnate and famous brands involved in this branch of industry. The sign of Taurus is associated with the themes of love and relationships, but also possible excesses and scandals in politics in relation to love scams, sex scandals, increased mobbing, sexual harassment but also that the public come many deviant stories on this topic. What should be used on a personal level that the three planets (Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) to be in earth signs, and as I said, in a good part of the half year period of Saturn’s walk through Capricorn, make good aspects among themselves, along with third transcendental planet Neptune, which is currently in Pisces and your personal development directed towards concrete, mundane, material things that will odobroti Saturn as correct only if your actions are correct. Focus on your immediate family, you’re making small steps in the work, save, and be wise and silent – because it is the key to success in time to come.

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