Saturn in Capricorn – the weather changes …… Restrictions realistically do not exist, we create them ourselves!

The moment has come to us Saturn, the wise teacher, teach a very important lesson. Many feel that they are trapped somewhere in the past, from whose unseen claws can not possibly escape. Now that Saturn transiting through Capricorn, we will have the opportunity to deal with what we create the greatest problems in life, and this is fear.

Saturn in Capricorn is in your sign, so that the lessons which teach us wants to be uncompromising.

We’ll deal with two things for our development are very important: overcoming the past and adopted behavioral patterns and the desire for power and domination.

Overcoming the past and accepted behavior patterns will be most manifest in the lives of individuals, while the desire for power and dominaciom take on global proportions.

People mistakenly think that they have no control over their destiny and that they are victims of unfortunate events. Difficult situations from his own life experience as something inevitable, even for a moment you do not even think that some of it can change. Saturn in Capricorn is just there to remind us that each of us is responsible for their own happiness.

The next two and a half years, how much will spend SATRUN in Capricorn, many will have success in his career and the work they do. Of course, in order to assess what each of us to bring this level of Saturn, we must consult the birth chart of each of us individually.

Since Saturn is slow, this success will not come overnight. The reason this is so is that it is important and essential life lessons can not figure out the proper way overnight. For them, it takes time and maturity, and just us Saturn secure steps leading to success. Since Saturn represents karma, which is often the cause why in life we ​​can not achieve what we want, we must first pass an exam in my life in which we will carry out Saturn before we get a reward. We need to strike a balance in its own being, acquire discipline and responsibility.

Many complain that their life is not going to have problems in many areas of life. It works them to stagnate, which directly causes frustration.

In order to eliminate this feeling, it must be properly understand the nature of Saturn.

Many will say that it brings restrictions, and often tragedy in the lives of individuals. On the one hand, it is true, but then one must ask why this is happening.

Restrictions realistically do not exist, we create them ourselves. There are no walls that many people raise around, there is only fear that creates them in preventing it to experience life in its fullness. The role of Saturn to teach us to overcome our own shortcomings which are manifested in the form of restrictions and to tear down the walls.

It often happens that a person is frustrated with their current situation, looking for a solution but when a solution arises, performs the fear of uncertainty and freedom. Self-identification with the hopeless situation has become so strong that the fear that appears almost paralyzing.

Also many of the patterns of behavior that we adopted does not belong to us, but we’ve inherited. Many think that their own decisions in life, when in fact a major role to play and can ancestors whose genetic material is in our DNA and upbringing of family in the lives of individuals. Sometimes it’s hard to change habits that we have adopted from the family circle, but only what we do with that what you do not remember?

These are the hardest and most difficult barriers to overcome, and through that will lead us Saturn turbulent or calm and quiet. For us to decide. He says it’s time to take the helm of life in their hands and therefore we must not hesitate.

Saturn just going to help in such situations. Since we only depends on how we accept Saturn’s lessons – if we will not fight or we allow ourselves to mature.

How Capricorn government ten fields, which represent the maximum that can be achieved in the course of their lives, we will be pushed to its maximum experience and to practically achieve. All depending on which field Capricorn government in the natal chart for each of us, as Saturn is set as the ruler of the house and how it relates to other planets in the natal chart will depend on what lessons we experienced during the Saturn transit through the sign of Capricorn.

If some people start to occur even bigger problems than usual, it is because in the field of life there is a negative karma which must now transform. It is desirable to deal with then certain spiritual techniques to such energy balance. If it appears the worm of doubt in success, there is a great chance to waste the effort invested. The worm of doubt we’re actually talking about how to doubt ourselves and that we are uncertain in terms of decisions we make.

If we look at the impact of transit Saturn in Capricorn at the global level, we see that the big changes ahead.

Because the world now operates on the principle that the government of the people and that individuals care only about how to recruit for themselves even more power, Saturn will these individuals have important life lessons that will be difficult accepted.

How scared basic emotions will to power, these individuals will look to in any way we maintain and strengthen the government, which will begin to crumble. Conflicts about power, wars over resources, the desire for domination will be exacerbated. However, an increasing number of people are becoming more conscious of when and how the world operates and it will consciously seek to change. Humanity will be divided into two teams more than ever before in history.

In addition to Saturn, a huge influence on world events will have Uranus.

The last few months we were able to see that many things have long been pushed under the carpet surfaced when Mars entered the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn and Uranus. It is Mars come in contact with the South Node, which also talks about the past and about things that are hidden at first glance, and can easily become destructive, such as Mars. In addition, the South Node also found in the sign of Aquarius.

We saw the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, which was followed by huge riots. During this event a lot of people lost their lives and many more were injured. Saturn in Capricorn provoked an attack on Syria, the strengthening of right-wing movements in Europe, worsening of the situation of illegal immigrants, natural disasters, which are increasing every year and so devastating.

Such disturbances arise precisely because there is a tendency to preserve the existing political system, which is slowly but surely starting to crumble, because they enjoy less trust. Saturn in Capricorn will now shake the roots the whole political system and control state whose leaders fear the government. It is certain that some of the new state to be in its infancy, and that some of the old will be affected by major crises. The conflict imposed dictatorship and the desire for freedom will increase gradually.

We anticipate a planetary ratio of Saturn, Pluto and south lunar nodes that have appeared throughout history in times of major international crises and wars, for example. like setting in the sky was 01. 09. 1939 when Saturn and Ketu were in conjunction. The same item is repeated at the end of October 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the next will be in 2019 in conjunction find Saturn, Ketu and Pluto.