Saturn in Pisces-man these positions is interested in your dreams!

A person with this combination of our limitations can not see clearly, not organized or disciplined, this is suffering because of the suffering, suffering that has elevated sense, suffering is seen inspiration.

Man these positions interest in their dreams, their fantasies experiencing quite realistic and often suffer because others do not see. Occult things are more interesting than these people can be possessively attached to one idea. The eternal conflict with himself and his mental disorder, can become great poets. In a way through the literary symbolism, a hundred Neptune, showing a tendency of Capricorn, which is a materialization of an idea.

They can be very introverted, withdrawn, in a constant quest for ideals, perfect profession, arrangement, system, although they tend to only seek, but not accepted. It is difficult for them to organize themselves, sometimes they are too confused and undirected.

They may have isceljiteljske abilities or something of that type might be interested. Vole philosophy and sometimes it is difficult to remain calm. Although they love to build a system of values, often by changing and adapting again inspirations. In some ways, living in the moment again suspecting that moment existed.