SATURN lessons and to deal with them-still waters run deep, and let you to be on my mind for years to come!

The sky above us is in constant motion, dynamics and change. It is never the same as we do on the inside, cellular, molecular level but also at the level of external communication through the relationship with other people is constantly changing. The sky above us carry the message – Everything changes, everything is fleeting and in fact all around us is a projection of our beliefs and thoughts, but thanks to a planet that is all contained in the form, and to the planet we call the lord of the rings, the ruler of karma and teacher of life lesson – magnificent Saturn. Were it not for Saturn, it would be this time would not be matter and we would be just energy. What is true in all forms is our body. Saturn is the planet that rules our body, in fact ancestors, memories and history.

Everything that is written in our body is our past, with which we, precisely through our physical body is connected. Saturn is the planet that astrological call hronokrator, along with Jupiter, whose movement is especially very important in annual analyzes and forecasts, as they make the frame of our time and space, and depending on how they are set, we have more or less options on the annual plan i have to start – ie. to get out of the framework of mediocrity – to make a step forward in our genetics, that from what we have been given the time and the place where we now do something more. Saturn is the planet that rules the sign of Capricorn, but the co-ruler with Uranus, the sign of Aquarius. Saturn is the ruler of the tenth house in the Zodiac, and this is a house that is associated with career ambition (top deste home is the highest point of the circuit) or the system state, limited space (Capricorn is at the top there’s nowhere to go on).

First of all, Saturn has entered into his seat, then the sign of Capricorn since last solstice, and will be here until March 2020. Jupiter will join him at the end of 2019, while the planet Pluto has long been frequented by this sign. Also, the axis of the Moon’s nodes recently moved just to the axis Jarac- Cancer, which means that all eclipses over the years just happen along this axis and that the eclipse of the sun and moon to activate the sign of Capricorn, and is actually the most activated sign over the years it is this character.

Capricorn is a woman, an earth sign. In astrological terms ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, falls within the subconscious level, because this is a sign that bears Jin energy, therefore passive energy and the element of earth is the densest element in the range of elements, one that is manifested, morphologically, the hardest (Taurus and Virgo are also earth signs, Taurus, or associated with plants and trees, the Virgin of the fruits of the earth and the goat with a rock) ie. describes the ultimate manifestation and concretization of any ideas, wishes and emotions as the end of the process, and at the conscious level – specific advice or subconsciously – emotion we can not affect it either consciously change its impact. For our body, ruled by Saturn, the only thing we can influence through physical contact – exercise, massage, ie. repetitive motion, through touch, so treatment tense aspects in the natal chart Saturn with a planet, as well as annual forecasts when it activates a tense aspect, can be influenced through techniques and exercises dealing with touching, tapping (EFT) and connecting the mind and body (yoga, five Tibetans, energy exercises, acupressure, acupuncture, hídja etc.). Capricorn, so he painted a passive (reacting and no action) and very inflexible, dense energy, and activate the sky of this sign in the coming years may bring limitations, imprisonment, perseverance and inflexibility – in every domain – at the global as well as on depending on the personal level and that our natal house activated in this domain and the field we feel the brake, long freeze, but also the stability and solidity, conservatism and a return to the old and in the past. Just to help themselves, ie. to overcome the harsh lessons of Saturn – we can not resist him. Because, as I said, his energy is strong, persistent, stable (most common fractures occur at a time when we are trying to force to influence Saturn!).

As much as we fight we can not do anything, because Saturn rules over time, and as we know, and we must always be aware of the time we will always win, and the unsuccessful revolt or power (force) to go to him. Saturn primarily asking for respect. It is a system of state and other government institutions. We can not complain when you need to fill in a bunch of forms to get what we want to get. ie. We can not complain or do not get time. Respect and learning the rules under which a system can be made to do something. And this means that we must be patient with Saturn and its lessons. Saturn’s most important lesson that teaches us to learn to be patient in terms of any problem, the solution comes through denial, pain or suffering, or teaches us and that we must be persistent in order to overcome it. What you need to know at the time Jarčevska domanacije to restore order within 24 hours of our lives. To make this rhythm, make it a habit to have breakfast at the same time, do exercises and go to sleep. Good to know the rule of the planet in one day. What to watch in the day the government – which is particularly monitored in traditional astrology, and respect of Saturn’s lessons, which should be carried out in silence or meditation. Saturday is a day ruled by the planet Saturn (Saturn -day) while respecting the body and ancestors during the day can be done by going to the cemetery or at an elderly relative at lunch or in the tihovanje very modest food. Saturn in terms of astrology is also our grandfather and all the older people we encounter in our lives, and is family-order, as well as therapeutic values ​​techniques respect and acceptance of our ancestors very expedient to raise the vibration and implementation of gratitude in daily life can give us very helpful in days we feel strongly challenges the lords of karma. Modesty and humility – that is what Saturn loves. Skimp and do not throw the Saturn foreign exchange, but also the advice in the years to come not to throw money in unnecessary purchases, but reduce all costs to a minimum.

Capricorn also is related to the emotion of fear. Often, the problematic aspects of Saturn with other planets in a horoscope, but often a sign of Capricorn if expressed in the chart (say stellium, ie. A few planets in this sign), can bring mental instability, panic attacks or phobias, depression, loneliness, etc. , it is important to us Saturn does not pick up heavy, dark thoughts, chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Practice. Walk. Read on. Strengthen the body and mind.

The moment you feel how the everyday and yet at the same time say the practice of yoga, tai chi and so on. (That bit is a repetition of the movement of awakening our body, not sweating and aggressive sports) become calmer, more settled, more stable, more mature – Saturn will give us a chance, always in mind some lessons that test, to feel that you are stronger, you Did our ancestors in us dormant and that our actions make sense to have strengthened form our thoughts in our body, we have a goal and a plan and that we can begin the process of creation of their own lives, and that will happen when Saturn make check or astrological translation when the device aspect with a personal planet with our (then we get a lesson or test). Good setting Saturn during the year can bring us some gains, but only the absence of debt or karma. We need to know that the sign of Capricorn, which is attached to the stone and the only substances in the long term can grind and shape the stone is the water. Water is the bearer of a message – but you try your messages to your body through the water together. Drink energized water (make yourself), paste the message to your body on a bottle of water (I love you), detoksikujte, swim in the salt … Still waters run deep, and let you to be on my mind for years to come.