Saturn-repression, restriction, pessimism, rigidity, prejudice, delay, fear …..

Planets: Saturn

Meaning: the Roman god of the harvest, the weather and subsoil

Resides in the sign of 2 and a half years

Element: Earth

Nature: Cold and dry

Temperament: Melancholy

Features: structure, stability, order, time, past, old people, education, morality, teeth, bones, knees, ambition, business, calcium, caution, control, father, grandfather, age, skeleton, sulfur, joints

Harmonious expression: concentration srtpljenje, responsibility, thrift, discipline, diligence, prudence, loyalty, memory, convenience, reliability, domination

Inharmonious expression: repression, restriction, pessimism, rigidity, prejudice, delay, fear, inhibition, fatigue, obstacles, secrecy, suspicion, cynicism, greed, materialism

Headquarters: Capricorn and Aquarius

Exaltation: Aries

Expulsion: Cancer and Leo

Pad: Aries