Saturn- retrograde transit that slows us down!

Saturn retrograde refers to the lack of boundaries, discipline or great difficulty to take responsibility in relation to certain matters, especially if they are related to some of our activities that we’re not particularly proud of. Saturn here can not understand its limits, does not see them clearly not in relation to itself or in relation to society. People with Saturn retrograde usually have a problem with authority, not like them, nor respect, I do not understand the practical value of authority.

Questioning authority is particularly important because it is a transit Saturn in Sagittarius, which makes it especially vulnerable to the dogma and rules that do not make sense. With its retrograde stroke there is a dose of rebellion with an unclear perception of how far one can go with rebellion and disobedience. Retrograde Saturn usually exaggerated, while causing the net and social expectations. Failure to comply with the laws and riots are expected during retrograde. Interestingly, what will all this happen after the elections in April, so we can expect and conflicts that do not concern only the law, but also invalid documents, planting signatures and the like (for a charge to Mercury retrograde).

Transiting Saturn teaches us that we should pause for a moment, take a break, you better organize and discipline. You need to realize what we believe, what we are fighting for and what motivates us to go beyond their capabilities. Note the fields in the birth chart which Saturn rules in order to see where it is possible to expect such changes. So, if Saturn Government ten fields related to public life and career, it can happen that during the retrograde Saturn entering into conflict with his superiors, the challenge of public conflicts, be interested to change the system, the government and the law.

And as far as changing the system works progressively, does not mean that it will be practical, because we have changed, we need first to have a vision of what we changed, how, in what direction and to what end. If the change in itself, it does not make sense, because changes without a goal has the same gap as the system non-functional objectives.

Before us is an interesting and somewhat stressful time in which we doubt their beliefs and system mode of perception and love in general. Such things lead us to find ourselves in a sufficient amount of rebellion, but also of faith and optimism to change the environment, with sufficient self-awareness that change always starts from the inside out, not the other way around.

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