Saturn teacher and torturer-insensitive is tricky, lonely, sad …. It teaches us the mistakes ….

Our great teacher. Brings us security and loneliness. The sign remains about 2 years. The meanest of all the planets, because destroys slowly, enjoying the suffering of others. Insensitive is tricky, lonely, sad. It teaches us the mistakes. Retrograde Saturn indicates a person insecure, inferior to the lack of ambition.

COLOR: black, gray.
METAL: lead.
PLANT: violet.
DAY: Saturday.

Saturn, “a great teacher”, the planet of karma and duties, and where he finds himself in the chart, there will be restrictions on our freedom of choice, as long as you repay the debt or gain understanding something about yourself that in earlier times we did not want to accept, whether it relates to this or any other life. This planet is an obstacle. Tempt us and facing our fears and weaknesses. Therefore, Saturn traditionally unpleasant and difficult planet. If it is strongly represented in the chart, your present life is neither easy nor simple. Luckily you do not very much in favor – can only come as a result of great personal effort or exertion.

Saturn managed shape, discipline, responsibility, organization, ambition, the ability to achieve career limitations, grieving and delays. Saturn manages theory and scientific principles, the elderly, patience, tradition, conventionality, orthodoxy and appropriate use of time. Saturn represents the principle of truth, order, timing, extent, sufficiency, contraction, consolidation, wisdom and aging.

Its action is slow and sustained. Type Saturn has enormous personal power that destroys everything around him but himself. A lot of aspects of Saturn increases ingenuity and perseverance, but it remains a conservative note. Extremely bad influence of Saturn creates a reclusive loner, dark and empty thinking, inclined to pessimism and misanthropy.

Saturn is “giving orders” horoscope. Where you Saturn in the natal chart – where you feel the least safe and try to keep it in any way make up, risking to choose just one missing. Saturn describes your “inner brake system”, limitations, fears and barriers; things that you fear, and the way that seeks to provide discipline and restraint in their environment.

You will feel a sense of shock Saturn every time you pass through one of the planets or critical points of your destiny. This is a period when you have blocked various, unexpected obstacles. Then you have the negative phenomena in terms of work and health, it may appear the problem of who has been standing hidden. Since this can not be avoided, it should be regarded as if it came a period in which you finally ‘open your eyes’. You will need to download their obligations and responsibilities to deal with these obstacles as challenges. Once this period has passed, you can feel free to be relieved or in the knowledge that you are now wiser and stronger. Under the watchful eye of Saturn you achieve lasting results, and finally you’re an adult.

Saturn will pass through each sign of the zodiac at least once, before the charge 30 years ago. In fact, when Saturn returns to its starting point in your chart, when you have about 28 years, this is usually the time when in your life create a family and a career. Observe how Saturn moving at all times, in this direction will move and your life and you will thus form …