Saturn-the planet that directly talk about karma or fate …. Stepping into the world game can begin!

Saturn is the planet that directly talk about karma or fate. Fate is really just another term for karma. Many people think that they have no control over the fate of putting yourself in the role of helpless pawn. The feeling as if someone else manages their life, due to which they feel frustrated and helpless.

To understand karma and Saturn’s influence we must first understand something else. We must turn to myths and symbols.

The universe is manifested in different cultures is called different names. Some of these names are: Shakti, Jin, the Great Mother, Mother Nature, Matrix, Matrix universe. The universe was created out of pure love, and all the creatures that exist are beings of light. Wanting to experience their own individual existence of the soul of the material is wrapped around the cloak, similar to the actor puts on a suit that will help him to play a character in a particular show.

Stepping into the world game can begin.

How to play the soul in order to realize themselves through numerous birth in a physical body, one behind generating negative and positive work. Positive work create even greater harmony and love in the universe. Those souls who are too attracted to the material world see themselves as the center of the universe around which everything revolves, while creating negative experiences that are inconsistent with the nature of the Universe itself.

In these souls in the course of life on this planet is developing very strong ego, which can completely suppress the inner voice of his own being. When it becomes sufficiently strong ego rotates the physical pleasures, whereby a diversion of attention exclusively to the world of physical senses can be observed. Glas inner being completely neglected.

How could there balance in our lives we should not go to extremes. We should not neglect the child in us, and so we can not completely surrender to our inner being, because in this way we create an imbalance. Things in our life must be balanced and brought into harmony.

We must not forget that the world that we can physically experience represents only a reflection of ourselves when through their own aspirations, hopes and dreams we project outward. Then actively undertake certain actions in order to achieve what is important for us. It’s like when we look in the mirror, we will always see his own reflection. Thus the physical world is actually a reflection of ourselves.

When in life after life, attracted by the physical world do those things that are contrary to our original nature and the universe, creating negative karma. But how is all there is love, the energy has to be transformed and to return to his creator, standing in some religious writings. Simply put, we must remember who we are, and Saturn us to do just that resembles.

Through many lives in the soul of knowledge can not do things that are contrary to love. Therefore resulting negative behavior patterns. Develop phobias, there are fears, depression, melancholy, a sense that we are not complete. It also appears the feeling that we are missing a part of things.

Also accumulated negative karma is the cause of many tragedies, accidents, curses, physical and mental illnesses, vicious circles from which it seems to have no way out.

What is actually happening here?

Since the universe is pure love that accepts all its beings, naturally seeks to establish harmony. He can not change what we do because we have been given free will. Saturn’s why we served our own karma. In this way, the corrected negative energy that has been created.

The balance must exist. Similarly, we must recognize our true nature, and the way we remember its nature depends on us. Saturn carefully selected ways to teach us. Saturn faces a difficult task because people hardly take responsibility for the work that they do. Own negative karma perceived as unjust blows of fate, neshvatajući that they themselves created and that only they can change.

Unaware distorted view of events in his own life, Saturn was presented as a creature of darkness. In cartoons, fairy tales, movies for children and many film credits Saturn has found its place. Assigned him the role of evil stepmother, an evil wizard, a witch who eats little children, the dragon who guards the sleeping princess, devil who provides worldly enjoyment in exchange for a human soul and the like.

Beneath all these caricatured view of Saturn lying is fear of dealing with them. The fear of all those things that are contrary to love. This life is our responsibility and of which may not be running. Only when we accept ourselves, when openly confront their own faults we have the ability to change some things.

Perhaps one of the best views of Saturn in Western literature, Goethe’s Faust which says implicitly that Saturn is the force that tends to evil, and actually does good.

It is essential to understand that Saturn its lessons to our life back light of understanding and knowledge. Saturn is the best friend you can have. It will show us the way, and to us that the path to follow wisdom.