SAVE YOUR HEALTH: Horoscope advised that parts of the body urgently need to pay attention!

Each of us, in some way, contain 12 signs of the zodiac, and not just on an emotional and spiritual, but also on the physical plane. Every part of the body is under the rule of a certain character. When you have health problems, it is important that you know how to balance energy and thus help yourself.

RAM government head, hair and face

You were born a leader, ambitious, self-centered, bold and confident. You have to be yourself, to feel good, because you can not bear to be in someone’s shadow. The result of an imbalance of energy headaches, migraines, lack of confidence, fever, skin problems and sinus, eczema, rashes and hair loss. Slow down, meditate and pay more attention to the people around him.

BIK managed neck, throat, thyroid, tonsils, upper back

You are practical and reliable, like material and financial stability that gives you a sense of security. Energy imbalance leads to problems with the top of the back, sore throat and hoarseness, and fear of change. If you feel that you are not fundamental enough or are unable to complete the unfinished tasks, direct the energy in the throat, with the help of crystals, singing or changing something in your life and environment.

GEMINI prevailing mindset, mind, hands, especially hands

You were born a speaker and writer who needs freedom to express themselves and made up my mind so that other people can understand you. Disruption of power manifested through distractions, confusing behavior, the tendency to gossip, when your language is faster than common sense, pain in the arms or hands and fear of causing their own talents and potential. Reading is often the best medicine because it helps you to calm down and your thoughts.

RAK operates chest, breasts and the area around the heart

You are hypersensitive and have emphasized the need to care for family members and loved ones. Disbalans energy manifested kroz hypersensitivity, withdrawn i desire for seclusion, ailments breathing cough sick grudi i overeating nerves. Work breathing exercises and spend more time in the fresh air, dealing with light exercises, dive into his emotions to show what best skilled to work.

LAV rules the heart and upper back

You’re proud, confident, generous, brave, childish, like to be the center of attention and you get what you want. Disruption of power manifested through complications with the heart, difficulty expressing emotions and blockages on emotional level, lack of confidence, shyness, fears. Deal with any vision of creative expression, art, dance, poetry, acting, and yoga may also help in opening the heart chakra.

VIRGO managed stomach and digestive tract

You are analytical and condemnatory minded, burdened with details, which burdens and your nervous system. Energy imbalance leads to intestinal problems, constipation, eating disorders and poor digestion, even obsessive behavior. It is important to learn how to go further and “release” some expectations you set for yourself. Is recommended meditation, creative projects, exercises and consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

SCALE government kidneys, bladder and lower part of the back

The most important thing you want to connect with others and build healthy relationships and emotional partner. When you cymbals are not in balance, you do not know the environment – or are too independent or too dependent on others. Disruption of power can manifest and urinary infections, frequent urination and pain in the lower back. Find a way to compromise in your life, and on the other hand, remain strong and independent.

SCORPIO managed genital organs

You are a sign of transformation and regeneration, in constant search of new life experiences that bring you prosperity. When your energy is not in balance, you feel like you are locked or not, you can quickly get used to the changes. In this case can occur depression, a drop in libido or exaggerated libido. It is important to accept change and be open to dealing with the past. Spend more time on the water and meditate.

SCORER government hips, thighs and liver

My whole life learning, expand their knowledge and explore, you’re a fan of adventure, and your goal is to better understand the world around them. When the energy is not balanced, or stagnant, or you do not stay in one place, you tend to exaggerate the pleasures of life, there may be problems with hips and liver. One of the best ways to get back into balance is to travel or learn something new that will help you to expand your horizons.

CAPRICORN managed bones, knees and teeth

You are ambitious, practical, responsible, disciplined and willing to diligently and work hard to achieve their goals. When “relegate” out of balance, you become a workaholic and a masochist, which is manifested through a health plan problems with his knees and teeth. Therefore, it is important to learn to take a breath, slow down and check out what actually stimulates your ambitions. Arrange time so that you remain more time for socializing with friends, meditate, play yoga and read.

AQUARIUS government ankles and nervous system

You are always ready to help others, especially at the global level, you are the original, authentic and open to new ideas.

When it comes to falling energy, you lose the sense of reality, can arise anxiety and panic attacks, as well as problems with the ankle. It is important that you work to transform your ideas and dreams into action, to watch the bigger picture. Deal with things that inspire you and surround yourself with people who think like you like.

FISH managed feet and pineal gland

You are romantic, sensual, scattered, often confused, but your creativity is most evident through making art, especially music and dance. Disturbance of energy balance leading to anxiety and low self esteem, and can also be manifested in loss of sensitivity to the needs of others, egocentrism, excessive anxiety or hypochondria. The best way to “reset” the meditation and massage.