SCALE Fixed-stars in the zodiac sign

Libra, is carried away at 4 degrees, with a very good influence, and emphasizes higher education and participation in public life, in all its forms, Vindemiatrix at 9 degrees, emphasizes courage and great success in the film, but if found in conjunction with the bad planets, often brought failure. On the same level, until recently, was the CAPHIR, which emphasizes popularity, and propensity and susceptibility machinations. ALGORAB at 13 degrees, the nature of Mars – Saturn, gives a great force of personality and ability to rule over other people’s lives. It is assumed here that the conjunction of the moon and Jupiter had Joan of Arc, but he had pronounced and Robespierre. It was stressed and poor health. ARGO at 22 degrees, highlights a gift of astrology, art and theater, a spice, the 23 degree nature Mars – Venus always brings prosperity, and Arcturus, also at this stage, but with a northern declination, further highlights the success, particularly in the arts . Both stars are extremely happy and always bring glory. Paco Raban there’s Jupiter.